Wyoming Ed-Fi Setup Checklist

PATH: System Administration > Ed-Fi

Use this checklist of Ed-Fi tasks to verify you have entered, selected and saved appropriate options for reporting data through Ed-Fi.

DoneTaskUI Location
 Enable Ed-Fi functionality via the Enable Ed-Fi system preference.System Administration > Preferences > System Preferences > Enable Ed-Fi
 Enter Connection Configuration System Administration > Ed-Fi > Ed-Fi Configuration > Connection
 Set tool rights for Ed-FiSystem Administration > User Security > Users/User Groups > Tool Rights

Set the Ed-Fi Relation Type.System Administration > Census > Relationship Type > Ed-Fi Relation Type
 Add a Room to all Course Sections for state-reporting coursesScheduling > Courses > Course > Sections > Sections
 Set Ed-Fi Grade Type for any grades you wish to have reported.Grading and Standards > Grading Tasks
 Align Grading Tasks mapped to the Ed-Fi Grade Type to CoursesScheduling > Courses > Course > Grading Task
 Select Term Masks for aligned grading tasksScheduling > Courses > Course > Grading Task
 Set Grading Periods on the Ed-Fi Grading Periods tab.System Administration > Calendar > Calendar > Ed-Fi Grading Periods
 Assign Ed-Fi IDsCensus > People > Demographics > Person Identifiers > Ed-Fi ID
 Add a Teacher Role on Staff History for teachers who need to report to Ed-FiScheduling > Courses > Course > Section > Section Staff History > Teacher Role

Assign a District Assignment Type and Assignment Code for each staff person.

Census > People > District Assignments > Type

Census > People > District Assignments > Assignment Code

Set the Ed-Fi Graduation Plan Type and Cohort/Graduation Active Start Years on any graduation plans you want to report.

Graduation plans can be mass assigned via the Batch Assignment tool.

Program Admin > Programs > Graduation Programs > Ed-Fi Graduation Plan Type

Program Admin > Programs > Graduation Programs > Cohort/Graduation Active Start Years

Program Admin > Batch Assignment Tool

Set the Cohort/Graduation Active Start Year on any Career Tech Programs you want to report.Program Admin > Programs > Career Tech Programs > Cohort/Graduation Active Start Years
 Resync Ed-Fi Data (see the Recommended Sync Order section for guidance on when to sync which resource)System Administration > Ed-Fi > Ed-Fi Tools > Resync

Dashboard Access

The District Assignment Code field displays when the District Staff checkbox has been marked and gives users District wide access to the Ed-Fi Dashboards based on the Title that is selected for the staff. This field populates the Education Organization Reference and Staff Classification Descriptor in the Staff Education Organization Assignment resource. This field has its own sub-right and users must have any combination of RWAD tool rights to see and populate this field. School specific access will be issued based on District Assignment records if this field is left blank. Only populate this field for staff that should have access to all schools in dashboards.

District Assignment Code

Recommended Sync Order

1Grade InformationGrading Periods
Schedule InformationCalendar Date
Class Periods
2Schedule InformationCourse Offerings
Staff InformationStaff Education Organization Assignment Associations
Staff School Associations
Staff Education Organization Identity Associations
Staff Education Organization Employment Association
Student InformationStudents
Graduation PLans
Student School Associations
Student CEProgram Associations
Student Title 1 Part A Program Associations
Student Special Education Program Associations
3Parent InformationParents
Student Parent Association
Schedule InformationStaff Section Associations
Student Section Associations
4Attendance InformationStudent School Attendance Events
Student Section Attendance Events
Grade Information

Course Transcripts

Student Academic Records

Discipline InformationDiscipline Incident
Student Discipline Incident Association
Discipline Action