View all Assignments for a Section

There are two ways to view all assignment for a section, through the Grade Book Settings and through the Assignment Overview.

Through the Grade Book or Planner

PATH: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Settings > Curriculum List

PATH: Campus Instruction > Planner > List or Section Name > View curriculum list

From the Grade Book, expand the Settings menu and click the Curriculum List to view all assignments:

Curriculum List from the Grade Book

From the Planner, click the List option in the section heading of the Planner, or click the Section's name and then Curriculum List.

Options for Accessing the Curriculum List from the PlannerFrom this curriculum list, you have various options for filtering, updating, and other actions.

For teachers who do not have the Campus Learning premium offering, this tool is called the Assignment List.

Filtering the Curriculum List

Use the buttons along the top of the list filter the assignments in your current view:


Assignments Shown

Submission Allowed

Assignments that have Enable Student Submission marked in the Student Work Product area.

Aligned to Grade BookAssignments that have the Align to Grade Book checkbox marked, which also means the assignment is aligned to at least one standard or grading task and is available for scoring in the Grade Book.
UnalignedAssignments that do not have the Align to Grade Book checkbox marked and are not available in the Grade Book for scoring.

Draft Assignments

Teachers who are participating in the Closed Beta release of Assignment Drafts can filter how drafts display in your Assignment List. Filter the list to hide draft assignments, to show them interspersed with your other assignments, or to show only draft assignments.

Draft Assignments in the Assignment List

Actions available in the List

From the list, the Sequence, Assigned Date, Due Date, Active checkbox (include in grade calculations), and Campus Portal checkbox (visible on the Portal) can be modified and saved.

The following other actions are also available:

Make sure to Save any changes you've made in the list before you leave.

Through the Assignment Overview

PATH: Campus Instruction > Assignment Overview

The Assignment Overview provides a list of all assignments in a section, grouped by Standard/Task and Category.

To view assignments, select a Term and then a Section in that term at the top of the tool.

Assignment Overview

Filtering the Assignment Overview

Click Filter to view the filtering options for which Terms, Standards, and Grading Tasks display in the overview. A blue dot appears in the Filter button when a filter is set.

Filters Available in the Overview