Understand User Accounts

PATH: System Administration > User Security > Users

The Users module is used to manage a user's tool rights, user group memberships and calendar rights.

The following tools are available:



User Account

The User Account tab shows the username and password of the selected user and allows system administrators of a district to log in as that person, and permits the system administrator to manage the user’s account.

User Groups

The User Groups tab lists the user groups to which the selected person is assigned.  User groups eliminate the need to individually assign tool rights to each person that needs the same access.

Tool Rights

Tool Rights provide access to the functions within Infinite Campus. Rights are listed by module and are assigned by the Campus Administrator at the school.

Calendar Rights

The Calendar Rights tab lists the calendars for which the user has the ability to see information within.  This calendar becomes an available option in the header row dropdown lists.

Access Log

The Access Log provides a listing of the user's login history.  It lists the time of the login, whether the login was secure, the remote IP address that was used, the remote name and the remote browser.