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In Campus, user security is a top priority. The user-security module lets Campus district system administrators control security settings related to the protection of confidential student data.

Each time a user requests a new page, a security check is forced. Every new page request passes through a Campus security control object that verifies whether or not the user is authorized to access the new page or task.

The following User Security tools are available: 

For information on understanding security roles for single-product and multi-product Campus environments, see the following articles:




The Users tool provides tools for controlling user security preferences.

User Groups

The User Groups tool provides tools for controlling user group security preferences.

Student Accounts

The Student Accounts tool allows users to make batch changes to all student accounts within a selected calendar.

As of Release Pack .1741 this tool is no longer available and has been replaced by the User Account Batch Wizard. Please see the User Account Batch wizard article for more information.

Batch and Import Wizards

Batch and Import Wizard tools assist users in creating and managing Campus user accounts. This includes the following tools:

LDAP Management

The LDAP Management folder contains all the tools necessary for configuring and managing LDAP within Campus. This includes the following tools:

LDAP Authentication

The LDAP Authentication tool allows users to establish preferences for interacting with an Active Directory user management system.

SAML Management

SAML Management tools allow you to enable, configure, and manage SAML SSO authentication for your district.

Account Management

The Account Management tool is used to enable Password Reset functionality and manage District-entered support text used during the password reset process.

As of Release Pack .1649, this tool has been replaced by the Password Reset Configuration tool.

OAuth Management

The OAuth Client Management tools allow users to create credentials for third-party programs to retrieve Campus data.

This functionality was moved to OneRoster Provisioning.

User Preference Management

The User Preference Management folder contains tools for enabling Password Reset functionality as well as enabling or disabling device tracking notifications. This includes the following tools


The E-Signature tool allows districts to enable E-Signature functionality which provides a way for users to submit a legally-binding signature for online applications and forms.


The following reports are available: