Staff Processing (Online Registration) (Prime)

PATH: Census > Online Registration > Staff Processing

This functionality is available to districts who have purchased Online Registration as an add-on service. For more information, contact the appropriate Client Executive.

The Online Registration Staff Processing tool provides a way for district staff to review the applications that are entered using Online Registration. District staff can review applications by status or by person, or can enter an Application Number.

Search fields display on the first tab (Online Registration Search), and results of the search display on the second tab (Search Results).

Staff Processing Tool

Once a parent or guardian has submitted an Online Registration application, the designated staff person (counselor, front office staff, etc.) can begin processing the application. Applications can be reviewed by status, by first name/last name of the person who entered the registration, application number (assigned when the application is submitted) or an email address of the person who entered the registration.

Staff can only search for applications associated with the calendar rights assigned to them (when the Disable Calendar Filter for Staff Processing checkbox is not marked). For example, a user who has rights to the Middle School and not to the High School can only view and approve applications for students at the Middle School.

Online Registration Workflow

 Approving student registration is Step 28.

StepCampus LocationOLR Standard
Calendar and Enrollment Management
1.Create calendars for the next school yearSystem Administration > Calendar > Calendar Wizard
2.Roll enrollments forward for the next school year.System Administration > Student > Enrollment Roll ForwardX
3.Review the grade levels associated with each calendar, and if desired, mark the Exclude from Online Registration Calculations checkbox.System Administration > Calendar > Calendar > Grade LevelsX
Online Registration Setup

Create school years for Online Registration.

Census > Online Registration > OLR School YearsX

Add Languages.

System Administration > Data Utilities > Multi-Language Editor > Language GroupsX
6.Enter language translations that display on Online Registration panels.System Administration > Data Utilities > Multi-Language Editor > OLR Literals BankX
7.Enter language translations that display on Online Registration panels in the dropdown lists.System Administration > Data Utilities > Multi-Language Editor > OLR Lists BankX
8.Create letters to send to parents announcing acceptance or denial based on their applications.Ad hoc Reporting > Letter DesignerX
9.Create approval/denial statuses.Census > Online Registration > OLR StatusX
10.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > OLR Set UpX
11.Select OLR System Settings.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > OLR System SettingsX
12.Enter registration dates for each school.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > Registration Window by School
13.Set Document Upload Options.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > Document Upload
14.Modify fields that appear on pleats using the OLR Builder.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > OLR BuilderX (limited functionality)
15.Create desired pleats.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > Pleat Setup
16.Create Notifications.Census > Online Registration > OLR Setup > OLR Notification Editor
17.Reference the OLR Information Center to view links to OLR tools.Census > Online Registration > OLR Setup > OLR Information CenterX
18.Create application queues.Census > Online Registration > OLR Queue Setup
19.Modify application queues.Census > Online Registration > OLR Queue ApplicationsX


Review the Configuration List Editor to verify the appropriate options are in the dropdown lists.Census > Online Registration > OLR Setup > OLR Configuration List EditorX

Student Application Entry

These articles are intended for the parents/guardians entering the registration information. All articles can be saved as a PDF and given to the parent, or made available on the district website. See the Enter Applications article for information on accessing OLR and other important information.

21.Enter Household Information.Portal > Online Registration > HouseholdX
22.Enter Parent/Guardian Information.Portal > Online Registration > Parent/GuardianX
23.Enter Emergency Contact Information.Portal > Online Registration > Emergency ContactX
24.Enter Other Household Children.Portal > Online Registration > Other Household (non-enrolled children)X
25.Enter Student Information.Portal > Online Registration > StudentX
26.Review and complete student registration.Portal > Online Registration > CompletedX
Process and Analyze Applications
27.View applications that have been submitted by year or school and by status.Census > Online Registration > OLR DashboardX

Search for applications by status and begin review and approval of them.

Census > Online Registration > Staff Processing, Student Processing, Health Staff Processing, Parent InformationX
29.Run the Audit Reports and Summary Reports.

Census > Online Registration > Audit Reports

Census > Reports > Online Registration Summary


Merge list options from the List Bank Replacer and List Value Updater from the OLR database into Campus.

Census > Online Registration > OLR List Bank Replacer, OLR List Value UpdaterX
31.When necessary, mass re-post registration data.Census > Online Registration > Mass Re-Post Applications Data
32.Review the Data Change Tracker tools to track OLR information being added to Campus.System Administration > Data Change TrackerX

Staff Processing Search Editor Fields

Student NumberLocally assigned identification number for the student. This number is created when the enrollment is saved.
Student First and Last NameLegally recognized name of the student.
First and Last NameLegally recognized name of the parent/guardian who entered the application.
Application NumberSystem-assigned number associated with the application.
Email AddressEmail address entered when the application was created, usually of the parent/guardian.
Application Start and EndDate fields used as a range to return applications entered between the two dates.
Application End YearIndicates the ending school year for which the application is associated. For the 2013-14 school year, the end year is 2014. This field auto-populates with the year marked as the active year on the OLR Setup tool.
SchoolLists the schools for which applications are returned.
Application Status

Indicates the status of the application. This includes all core statsues, link errors, post errors and custom statuses. The following list are default statuses:

  • Posted – An application was posted from the batch post
  • Denied - The application has been rejected by the district
  • Approved/Posted - The application has been approved and enrollment information has been posted
  • Hold - The application is placed in a hold status because of missing information or a missing district requirement
  • Submitted-New – Status set once a new parent has submitted an application
  • Submitted-New Student – Status when an existing parent has submitted an application in the new student mode (Generally Kindergarten registration)
  • Submitted Existing – Status set when an existing parent has submitted an annual data update with no new students added
  • Submitted-Existing with New Student – Status set when an existing parent submitted an annual data update with an added student
  • New – Status set when a new parent has begun an OLR application and has not submitted it
Application TypeIndicates the assigned type of application - Existing, Existing with new student, Existing with Parent Removed, New.
Address StatusIndicates the status of the address, whether it was changed or not.
Only Applications with Health Conditions or MedicationsWhen marked, only those applications that include health conditions or medications are returned.
Application QueueIf multiple queues exist for a school in which applications are held, choose the appropriate queue from which to return applications.
Max Application ReturnedThis field can be used to minimize a large number of returned applications in the search results area. Options include 100, 500, 1000 and all.
Include unsubmitted applicationsWhen marked, the search results return applications that have been started but not completed. This option must be marked to include any unsubmitted applications in the results.
OLR Search Buttons

There are four buttons that return search results.

  • Search Applications - searches for applications that meet the entered criteria
  • Mark Batch Applications - marks existing applications that do not have the following:
    • Changed or New Address
    • New People to include parents, emergency contacts, other household members if applicable and students
    • Students with any added medical or mental health conditions and/or medications.
  • Clear Batch Applications - umarks any applications that were flagged by using Mark Batch Applications
  • Mark Applications with Link Errors - flags applications that have any link errors pertaining to at least one of the following. This error typically error occurs when an existing applications was started, and prior to approving and posting the application, one or more of f the previously mentioned ID fields have been removed or deleted from Infinite Campus.
    • Household ID
    • Address ID
    • Person ID

Applications matching the entered criteria display on the Search Results tab.

Use the Staff Processing Tool

  1. Enter one or more search options.
  2. Mark the Include unsubmitted applications checkbox to include applications that may still be in progress by the parent/guardian in the search.
  3. Click one of the Search buttons. A list of applications matching the search results will appear on the Search Results tab.
  4. Select the desired application from the Online Registration Applications. The names of the students in that application will display at the top of the page.
  5. Click one of the action buttons at the bottom of the page to process the application.

Applications can also be deleted from this view by searching for the applications and selecting the one that needs to be deleted, and then click the Delete Application button.

Search Result Application Options

Review Applications

After selecting the application and clicking the Review Application button, a new browser window displays where the staff person can review the entered application and print the application or submit the application on behalf of the parent/guardian. Also, options to link and unlink the individuals and addresses in the application allow the staff person to eliminate any duplication or data re-entry that may occur.

Reviewing an Application

At the bottom of the page is a legend that indicates the level of risk related to data duplication when items are not linked. This is also where the application can be approved or denied, thus completing the processing.

Level of Risk and Approval buttons

To review particular sections of the application, click the buttons at the top of the screen. The matching section displays, allowing close review of the entered data. Use the Save/Continue buttons at the bottom of each area to move onto the next section.

When each button representing that area of the application is green and has a checkmark, the application is ready to be approved.

Review Buttons

The following information provides guidance on staff approval of the application.

AreaItems to review/approve
  • Home Phone - This phone number is the phone number of the household and is used in many Census reports and is needed for proper sending of school and district messages. Review the phone number for accuracy of format and determine if additional Contact Preferences should be selected. Click the Next button.
  • Home Address - The Home Address is the physical location of the household. This may be a different address than the mailing location of the household. Review the entered address for accuracy and click the Link Address to search Campus to find a similar address using Soundex. Click the Next button when finished.
  • Mailing - The Mailing Address window displays a separate address if the previous Home Address is not the same as the mailing address (P.O. Boxes, etc.). Review the entered information and click the Save/Continue button.
Parent/GuardianThe Parent section displays the entered parents/guardians for the registering household. Review the entered information by clicking on each name listed, including existing parents/guardians. Move through the Demographics, Contact Information, Migrant Worker and Impact Aid editors using the Next and Previous buttons on the panels. When finished, click the Save button. When finished reviewing all entered parents, click the Save/Continue button.
Emergency Contact

There should be at least two emergency contacts per registration. Review the entered information by clicking on each name listed, including existing emergency contacts. Move through the Demographics, Contact Information,  and Verification editors using the Next and Previous buttons on the panels. When finished, click the Save button. When finished reviewing all entered emergency contacts, click the Save/Continue button.

Other HouseholdThis option can be reworded in the Multi-Language Editor to record any younger siblings that are not yet in school in this editor.
StudentThe Student section lists the students who are requesting to be enrolled in the school. Review the entered information by clicking on each name listed, including existing emergency contacts. Move through the Demographics, Language Information,  Previous Schools, Tribal Enrollment, Relationships, Health Services and Release Agreement editors using the Next and Previous buttons on the panels. When finished, click the Save button. When finished reviewing all students, click the Save/Continue button.
Staff Approval

On the Staff Approval editor, select the appropriate Application Status from the dropdown list - Approved, Hold or Denied. Enter any comments related to the processing of this application - maybe who approved it and when.

  • When the Application Status is Approved, click the Save and Post button.
  • When the Application Status is Hold or Denied, click the Save button

Click the Save button when finished.

When the application has been marked as Approved, an Application Summary receipt link will display. Click this option to view the entered application in PDF form.

Application Summary

At this time, enrollment records will need to be created for approved applications for new families. For existing families, no further action is needed.

Link Records

When reviewing the application, tools exist to correct a parent's potential mistakes.

Application Changes

Staff can perform the following actions for an application.

Delete an ApplicationIf an application needs to be deleted, select that application and click the Delete Application button. A confirmation message displays, asking if the application should be deleted. Click OK to continue or Cancel to not delete the application.
Unsubmit an application

This option changes the status of the application, from Submitted to not submitted. This removes the selected application from the list, and allows the parent/guardian to make additional changes.

Update a Registration

This option allows the addition of another student in the same household that was not initially included when the application was submitted. This also allows any type of census record (parent record, etc.) and adds it to the application. Mark the checkbox to add the student to the application.

Print an Application

This option displays a PDF print view of the submitted application.

Post Batch Applications

This option posts any application with the status of Batch.

Resend the Initial Email

Selecting this option sends the initial email the user receives to enter an application.

Log in as the Parent/Guardian

After selecting the application from the search results, click this option to log in as the parent/guardian. This logs the user out of Campus and automatically logs the user into the Portal view of Online Registration.