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The available Census report use data found in the Census module, often focused around demographics data and household information.

Available Census Reports

Because the Census module includes all persons in the district, it is recommended to select a school from the Campus toolbar to limit the results included and to also keep the generation time of the report at a minimum. The following reports are available in District Editions applications:


School Use

District Use


Address Change



This report lists all people within Census who have had a change of address as of a specified date. This report is designed to be run for all school in the district (i.e., Campus Toolbar School option set to All Schools).

Census by Address



This report lists the latest student addresses active on or before the effective date entered on the Report editor.

Census by Birth Date



This report will list all people with a birth date in the date range specified.

Census by School Boundary



This report will display student addresses within the school boundary.

Census Verification



This report will batch print a student's census verification data. This report allows a school to view address, guardian and contact information and identify any necessary changes needed.

An ad hoc Filter Search Option is available for this report.

Impact Aid



This report displays people employed at a federal institution who have at least one child who is a student enrolled in one of the selected calendars.

Missing PhotoX
This report lists students who do not have a school photograph of themselves in Campus.

Mailing Labels



This report will generate a list of mailing labels for the selected students. One label for each household and only the students' guardian's names will be printed if the selected is for Household. One label per student will be printed if the selection is for Student. Only addresses marked with a mailing checkbox in the Census module will be included.

An Ad hoc Filter Search Option is available for this report.

State Person Identity Verification Report



This report allows a district to compare its local student and staff person/identity records to those existing at the state level.

This report is only available to District installations linked to a State Edition installation.