Reports (Behavior)

PATH: Behavior > Reports

Behavior reports return student behavior data that includes information on behavior incidents, behavior events, behavior resolutions, removal incidents and behavior events tied to attendance records.  

The following behavior reports are available in District Edition applications only:



District Use


Behavior Incident Report



This report lists the number of incidents recorded based on the options selected in the report editor.

Behavior Event Report



This report lists the number of events per type. Various filtering and grouping options exist for this report. 

Behavior Resolution Report



This report lists students who have been assigned resolutions and basic resolution information. The summary report only lists the count of resolutions for each student and the detail report provides more resolution details.

Behavior Removal Report



This report lists Resolutions assigned to students which have a Removal subtype of Detention, Suspension and/or Expulsion.

Behavior Attendance AuditX 

This reports identifies students who have a behavior resolution that has invalid data due to the attendance record not being entered properly to match the assigned behavior resolution or the behavior resolution does not match attendance data.