Positive Attendance

ICCS Effective Version: 1701

Positive Attendance records student attendance on a time basis, indicating the student was present in a class, whereas standard attendance recording indicates the student is absent or tardy from class. Tools are available throughout Campus to allow this type of recording. System Administrators need to turn on certain preferences and mark certain display options before these tools can be used. See the Positive Attendance Workflow section for details.

Time Validation

The following logic applies to the entering of time throughout all of these attendance tools.

  1. Times must be entered in HH:MM format, either in military time or in 12 hour time format.
  2. Negative durations are not allowed:
    1. Time In cannot be after the Time Out.  
    2. Time Out cannot be before the Time In.
  3. The total time entered must equal a value greater than zero (Time In cannot be the same as Time Out).
  4. The Time In and Time Out for a section may not overlap the Time In and Time Out for another record for the same section.        
  5. In order to enter a total duration of 24 hours (1440 minutes), the user can enter 12:00 AM as the Time In and 12:00 AM as the Time Out. This is the only exception from the rule above.

Saving and Import Logic

In addition to the time validations, the following logic is used when positive attendance records are saved: Error messages are returned when:

Positive Attendance Workflow

Perform the following tasks to record positive attendance records and generate reports.

Set school-level positive attendance preferences.Positive Attendance Preferences
Mark courses accordingly to record positive attendance entries.Course Editor
Determine if Positive Attendance records display on the Campus Portal.Portal Display Options

Record attendance using one of the following attendance tools:

Attendance Wizard

Student Attendance Tab

Campus Instruction Positive Attendance

Generate reports that list positive attendance information.

Student Attendance Tab

Campus Instruction Positive Attendance

Positive Attendance Summary

Import positive attendance information.Positive Attendance Import Wizard