Point of Sale (POS)

This functionality is only available to customers who have purchased Campus Point of Sale as add-on functionality.

This area contains information on the tools related to Campus Point of Sale terminal functionality, an add-on feature of Campus used in conjunction with the core Food Service module.

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This page is designed to assist the user in the tasks, skills and procedures relating to Point of Sale. Identify the task to be completed in the Topic column and click the link to access explanations and directions for that task. The Tool column identifies the location in the Campus Index in which that action is completed and links to the appropriate help article as well.

Release Notes

For release notes, see the Food Service Release Notes article.

Cashier Guide to Point of Sale

The following topics are meant to assist cashiers in the use of Point of Sale terminals.


Getting started on use of a Point of Sale terminal.

Detailed description of the terminal screen layout.

Working with serving periods and cash drawers.

Processing Patron Transactions:

Details on common cashier actions.

End of serving period setup requirements.

End of serving period actions.

Logging out and shutting down POS terminals.

Handling remote reload requests.

Viewing configuration settings.


Creating POS Accounts

Managing POS Accounts



Establishing Account Information

Account Info

Viewing Transactions


Adding Transactions


Transferring Funds Between Accounts


Printing the Journal History


Inactivating Student Accounts

Account Management Wizard

Inactivating Staff Accounts

Account Management Wizard

Removing PIN Numbers from POS Accounts

Account Management Wizard

Inactivating and Removing PIN Numbers from Student Accounts Simultaneously

Account Management Wizard

Inactivating and Removing PIN Numbers from Staff Accounts Simultaneously

Account Management Wizard

Adjusting Balances on Inactive POS Accounts

Account Management Wizard

Setting Account Restrictions and Reminders

Reminder Restriction Wizard

Transferring Patron Account Data

Account Management Wizard

Generating the Account Management Report for:

Account Management Wizard

Send balance information and other routine food service messages.

POS Account Messenger
POS Account Messenger Scheduler

Point of Sale Setup



Creating Item Categories

Item Categories

Creating Purchasable Items

Purchasable Items

Copying Service Layouts

Service Layout Copy Wizard

Manage Payment Locations

Payment Locations

Establishing General Point of Sale Preferences

POS Preferences

Class Serve Setup

The following tasks need to be completed prior to using the Class Serve tool.



Establishing Applications

Application Manager

Adding Services

Application Manager

Creating Service Layouts (Menus)

Application Manager

Establishing Class Serve Preferences

Class Serve Preferences

Establishing PIN Auto-Generation Preferences

PIN Auto Gen

Cafeteria Serve Setup



Establishing Applications

Application Manager

Adding Services

Application Manager

Designing Service Layouts (Menus)

Application Manager

Setting Cafeteria Serve Preferences

Cafeteria Serve Preferences

Using Cafeteria Serve



Generating Service Layouts (Menus)

Cafeteria Serve

Processing General Serve

Cafeteria Serve

Processing Continuous Serve

Cafeteria Serve

Exiting Service Layouts (Menus) Before Processing

Cafeteria Serve

Voiding Patron Transactions

Cafeteria Serve

Terminal Setup

Configuring Point of Sale Terminals

Remotely Managing Point of Sale Terminals

Reporting Point of Sale Data



Report manual increases or reductions made to POS accounts.

Adjustment Report

Audit potentially incorrect transactions within a specific time frame.

Audit Report

Report a list of backdated transaction adjustments in summary or detail form.Backdated Adjustments Report

Report daily, period or monthly transaction information for specific POS terminals.

Cashier Report

Report a list of check, cash and credit card deposits made through the FS Deposit, Person FS Deposit, POS Terminal and Portal Food Service tools.

Deposit Report

Compare each school's daily counts of free, reduced and paid lunches against the number of children currently eligible for free, reduced and paid lunches.

Edit Check Report

Report information about daily transactions per serving period, allowing users to reconcile drawers and eliminate or reduce overages or shortages.

End of Day Report

Report detailed information about all fund transfers which occurred on a specific day, period of time or month.

Funds Transfer

Report all purchasable items, noting the total amount purchased and the total sales for the item based on a specific date range.

Item Summary

Report monthly transactions details and account balance information.

Journal Batch

Report active staff and student account balances.

Patron Balance

Report detailed information about Point of Sale terminal transactions.

Transaction Detail

Report patron summary information, transaction summary information and purchasable item detail information.

Transaction Summary

Report a list of all voided transactions.

Voids Report

Create letters which includes demographic and patron account balance information.

Balance Letter Wizard

Report a list of patron PIN numbers, PIN barcode labels and PIN labels.

PIN Report

Tool Rights