Pleat Setup (Prime)

PATH: Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > Pleat Setup

This functionality is available to districts who have purchased Online Registration as an add-on service. For more information, contact the appropriate Client Executive.

The Pleat Setup functionality allows for modification of the Online Registration application. 

Image of the Pleat Setup tool with the iPad Release option selected

Pleat Setup

Pleats can be added to any section, and district users are able to manage basic properties about the available pleats, like determining if the pleat displays, if the pleat displays for new students only or for existing students only, or for both, and changing the order in which the pleat displays. 

A pleat can only be deleted if it has been added through this tool. This means the standard pleats that are available (household information, parent information, etc.) cannot be deleted. And it can only be deleted if there are no fields attached to it.

Online Registration Workflow

 Creating pleats is Step 14.

StepCampus LocationOLR Standard
Calendar and Enrollment Management
1.Create calendars for the next school yearSystem Administration > Calendar > Calendar Wizard
2.Roll enrollments forward for the next school year.System Administration > Student > Enrollment Roll ForwardX
3.Review the grade levels associated with each calendar, and if desired, mark the Exclude from Online Registration Calculations checkbox.System Administration > Calendar > Calendar > Grade LevelsX
Online Registration Setup

Create school years for Online Registration.

Census > Online Registration > OLR School YearsX

Add Languages.

System Administration > Data Utilities > Multi-Language Editor > Language GroupsX
6.Enter language translations that display on Online Registration panels.System Administration > Data Utilities > Multi-Language Editor > OLR Literals BankX
7.Enter language translations that display on Online Registration panels in the dropdown lists.System Administration > Data Utilities > Multi-Language Editor > OLR Lists BankX
8.Create letters to send to parents announcing acceptance or denial based on their applications.Ad hoc Reporting > Letter DesignerX
9.Create approval/denial statuses.Census > Online Registration > OLR StatusX
10.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > OLR Set UpX
11.Select OLR System Settings.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > OLR System SettingsX
12.Enter registration dates for each school.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > Registration Window by School
13.Set Document Upload Options.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > Document Upload
14.Modify fields that appear on pleats using the OLR Builder.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > OLR BuilderX (limited functionality)
15.Create desired pleats.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > Pleat Setup
16.Create Notifications.Census > Online Registration > OLR Setup > OLR Notification Editor
17.Reference the OLR Information Center to view links to OLR tools.Census > Online Registration > OLR Setup > OLR Information CenterX
18.Create application queues.Census > Online Registration > OLR Queue Setup
19.Modify application queues.Census > Online Registration > OLR Queue ApplicationsX


Review the Configuration List Editor to verify the appropriate options are in the dropdown lists.Census > Online Registration > OLR Setup > OLR Configuration List EditorX

Student Application Entry

These articles are intended for the parents/guardians entering the registration information. All articles can be saved as a PDF and given to the parent, or made available on the district website. See the Enter Applications article for information on accessing OLR and other important information.

21.Enter Household Information.Portal > Online Registration > HouseholdX
22.Enter Parent/Guardian Information.Portal > Online Registration > Parent/GuardianX
23.Enter Emergency Contact Information.Portal > Online Registration > Emergency ContactX
24.Enter Other Household Children.Portal > Online Registration > Other Household (non-enrolled children)X
25.Enter Student Information.Portal > Online Registration > StudentX
26.Review and complete student registration.Portal > Online Registration > CompletedX
Process and Analyze Applications
27.View applications that have been submitted by year or school and by status.Census > Online Registration > OLR DashboardX

Search for applications by status and begin review and approval of them.

Census > Online Registration > Staff Processing, Student Processing, Health Staff Processing, Parent InformationX
29.Run the Audit Reports and Summary Reports.

Census > Online Registration > Audit Reports

Census > Reports > Online Registration Summary


Merge list options from the List Bank Replacer and List Value Updater from the OLR database into Campus.

Census > Online Registration > OLR List Bank Replacer, OLR List Value UpdaterX
31.When necessary, mass re-post registration data.Census > Online Registration > Mass Re-Post Applications Data
32.Review the Data Change Tracker tools to track OLR information being added to Campus.System Administration > Data Change TrackerX

This functionality is only available for OLR Prime users.

Pleat Definition

A pleat is located under the index/editor in the application. For example, Student(s) Primary Household is an index/editor, and Home Phone is a pleat under that heading.

Main Headings and Pleats

Pleat Setup

When a pleat is set to Yes in the Pleat Setup tab, that pleat appears in the application and require a parent to provide information for that pleat.

Household Mailing Address Set to Yes

When a pleat is set to No in the Pleat Setup tab, that pleat does not appear in the application.

Household Mailing Address Set to No

Pleat Editor

New Pleat Information

Pleat Name


Describes the name of the pleat being modified/added.


Indicates where the pleat displays.
New Pleat Details



Indicates the order in which the pleat displays.
Show ForDetermines the students for which the pleat displays - new students in the district, existing students in the district, or both.
EnabledWhen set to Yes, the pleat is visible in the application. When set to No, the pleat is not visible.
Parent fieldDistricts have the ability to make the pleats be conditional based on a previous question/answer on the application.
Codes/values of parent to show This field is used in conjunction with the Parent Field. When a field is set in the Parent Field, the selected Codes/Values need to be chosen by the user in order for the question/pleat to display. For example, when the Parent field is set to Grade, in the code/values field, the grade levels are set to those for which the pleat should display.

Modify Default Pleats

  1. Select the Pleat to modify from the Pleat List.
  2. Update the desired fields.
  3. Click the Save button when finished.
  4. Or, if the modification requires the pleat to be deleted, click the Delete button.

Add New Pleats

  1. Click the New Pleat button.
  2. Enter the Pleat Name and Starting Title.
  3. Select the desired Pleat Section.
  4. Click the Save button. The new Pleat is saved in the selected Pleat Section folder.
  5. Expand that section and select the new pleat.
  6. Enter the remaining fields for the pleat - Show For, Codes/Values, and Parent FieldEnabled, Code/values of parent to show.
  7. Click the Save button when finished. If enabled, the pleat is available on the student registration form.

Use the OLR Builder (Prime) to add fields to the Pleat.