Password Reset Configuration

PATH: System Administration > User Security > User Preference Management > Password Reset Configuration

The Password Reset Configuration tool is used to enable Password Reset functionality. Password Reset allows Campus application and Campus Portal users the ability to reset their account password as well as manage their account security email address and security preferences without the need for Administrator intervention. Once password reset is enabled, this tool no longer displays in the outline.

See the Managing User Account Passwords page for more information about the Password Reset workflow and related processes.

Only users with a Student Information System (SIS) Product Security role are allowed to access and modify values in the Password Reset Configuration tool.

Enable password reset from this tool.

Before enabling Password Reset functionality, consider the following:

  • Once enabled it cannot be disabled or reversed.
  • Password Reset functionality is only available for accounts authenticated by Campus (not SAML). You can have LDAP and Password Reset enabled at the same time however, LDAP enabled accounts are not subject to the Password Reset process.
  • Messenger Email Settings must be established.

To enable Password Reset, click Enable Password Reset and click Save. 

Once Password Reset functionality is enabled, this tool is hidden in the index and replaced with the Login Page Preferences tool.


Once the Enable Password Reset button is selected and the action is confirmed, the following will occur:

Password reset functionality also automatically makes the following System Preferences (Campus .1717 and previous) or Account Security Preference (Campus .1721 and greater) read-only: