OLR System Settings (Prime)

PATH: Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > OLR System Settings

This functionality is available to districts who have purchased Online Registration as an add-on service. For more information, contact the appropriate Client Executive.

The OLR System Settings sets specific rules concerning Online Registration applications and processes.

Image of OLR System Settings tool for OLR Version 5.1.32

OLR System Settings

Online Registration Workflow

 Selecting OLR System Settings is Step 11.

StepCampus LocationOLR Standard
Calendar and Enrollment Management
1.Create calendars for the next school yearSystem Administration > Calendar > Calendar Wizard
2.Roll enrollments forward for the next school year.System Administration > Student > Enrollment Roll ForwardX
3.Review the grade levels associated with each calendar, and if desired, mark the Exclude from Online Registration Calculations checkbox.System Administration > Calendar > Calendar > Grade LevelsX
Online Registration Setup

Create school years for Online Registration.

Census > Online Registration > OLR School YearsX

Add Languages.

System Administration > Data Utilities > Multi-Language Editor > Language GroupsX
6.Enter language translations that display on Online Registration panels.System Administration > Data Utilities > Multi-Language Editor > OLR Literals BankX
7.Enter language translations that display on Online Registration panels in the dropdown lists.System Administration > Data Utilities > Multi-Language Editor > OLR Lists BankX
8.Create letters to send to parents announcing acceptance or denial based on their applications.Ad hoc Reporting > Letter DesignerX
9.Create approval/denial statuses.Census > Online Registration > OLR StatusX
10.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > OLR Set UpX
11.Select OLR System Settings.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > OLR System SettingsX
12.Enter registration dates for each school.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > Registration Window by School
13.Set Document Upload Options.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > Document Upload
14.Modify fields that appear on pleats using the OLR Builder.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > OLR BuilderX (limited functionality)
15.Create desired pleats.Census > Online Registration > OLR Set Up > Pleat Setup
16.Create Notifications.Census > Online Registration > OLR Setup > OLR Notification Editor
17.Reference the OLR Information Center to view links to OLR tools.Census > Online Registration > OLR Setup > OLR Information CenterX
18.Create application queues.Census > Online Registration > OLR Queue Setup
19.Modify application queues.Census > Online Registration > OLR Queue ApplicationsX


Review the Configuration List Editor to verify the appropriate options are in the dropdown lists.Census > Online Registration > OLR Setup > OLR Configuration List EditorX

Student Application Entry

These articles are intended for the parents/guardians entering the registration information. All articles can be saved as a PDF and given to the parent, or made available on the district website. See the Enter Applications article for information on accessing OLR and other important information.

21.Enter Household Information.Portal > Online Registration > HouseholdX
22.Enter Parent/Guardian Information.Portal > Online Registration > Parent/GuardianX
23.Enter Emergency Contact Information.Portal > Online Registration > Emergency ContactX
24.Enter Other Household Children.Portal > Online Registration > Other Household (non-enrolled children)X
25.Enter Student Information.Portal > Online Registration > StudentX
26.Review and complete student registration.Portal > Online Registration > CompletedX
Process and Analyze Applications
27.View applications that have been submitted by year or school and by status.Census > Online Registration > OLR DashboardX

Search for applications by status and begin review and approval of them.

Census > Online Registration > Staff Processing, Student Processing, Health Staff Processing, Parent InformationX
29.Run the Audit Reports and Summary Reports.

Census > Online Registration > Audit Reports

Census > Reports > Online Registration Summary


Merge list options from the List Bank Replacer and List Value Updater from the OLR database into Campus.

Census > Online Registration > OLR List Bank Replacer, OLR List Value UpdaterX
31.When necessary, mass re-post registration data.Census > Online Registration > Mass Re-Post Applications Data
32.Review the Data Change Tracker tools to track OLR information being added to Campus.System Administration > Data Change TrackerX

OLR System Settings Detail Descriptions

Application Options
Show instructions after language selectionWhen marked, displays an instruction screen after the parent chooses a language after launching OLR from the portal or from the initial new email.
Remove Other Household section When marked, the Other Household index does not display on the application.
Allow Moving Other Household Members to Student Section

When marked, existing parents can choose to move a child from the other household area to a student for the upcoming school year.

When not selected, this option is not available for selection.

Allow Secondary Households

When marked, this allows a parent to enter another parent into the application. If the parent unchecks the option, “Please check this box if this person lives at the address listed below.”,  a new address can be entered for that parent.

A parent can also indicate that a student lives in that secondary household while configuring the relationship to the non-primary household parent. When the application is posted, the student is a member within the primary household and the secondary household.

Prevent removing existing guardians from existing studentsWhen marked, existing guardians cannot be removed from existing students (the Guardian checkboxes on the Relationships pleat are grayed out and cannot be modified). This only applies to annual update applications.
Always Require Race SelectionWhen marked, a race/ethnicity must always be entered on applications, regardless of the student being Hispanic/Latino.
Print students in their own receipt

When marked, the OLR receipt prints for each student.

When not marked, all students on the family application are included on a single report.

Allow multiple applications per yearWhen marked, this allows parents to submit more than one applications per school year.

Require drawing Signature

OLR Prime Only

When marked, a parent/guardian signature is required at the beginning of the registration process.

Force select Primary address from campus

OLR Prime Only

When marked, Primary Address selection is required during the application process. The parent is not able to move forward with the OLR application process if their address is not in the district Campus database.

Enable option to register as emancipated student or unaccompanied minor

OLR Prime Only

Allows students who are emancipated or are an unaccompanied minor to register for themselves. 

For parents registering using the New family links, a checkbox appears on the Parent/Guardian index stating I am registering myself as an emancipated or unaccompanied minor. For a student in an existing family to be able to register themselves through the portal, the minimal changes required are:

  1. Create a non-household record for the student with a relationship type of Self and the guardian and portal boxes marked.
  2. Remove the guardian rights from the others parents/guardians.

Choose the type of registration for which this is acceptable behavior:

  • Off - option is not enabled
  • New - allowed for new registrations only
  • Existing - allowed for existing registrations only
  • New and Existing - allowed for new and existing registrations

Use school registration windows for registration

OLR Prime Only

Dates set in the Registration Window By School tab will be used to populate OLR links to existing parents. Schools that do not have dates, or dates that are active, will be used for parent links.

OLR is a family based registration system; if a family has a student in an active school and an inactive school, the application will populate all students in the family regardless if one of the student’s schools is not active.

Set school to boundary if blank

OLR Prime Only

If a school has not been specified for a student from the school list or enrollment school, the boundary school is set if one is found. 
Emergency Contact Options

Minimum Emergency Contacts


Indicates the minimum number of emergency contact a parent must enter on the OLR application.

Maximum Emergency Contacts

Indicates the maximum number of emergency contact a parent can enter in an OLR application.

Remove Emergency Contract section

OLR Prime Only

When marked, the Emergency Contact information is not included in the application.
Posting and Pulling Options
Post Race as Parent IdentifiedWhen marked, the student's Race/Ethnicity Determination field is automatically set to 01: Parent Identified.
Status used for Batch PostingAllows a district to use a single approved/posted status for either manual processing or batch processing.
Post household without name

When marked, the Primary Household name is created with a null value.

When not marked, Primary and Secondary Households are created with the last name(s) of the parent(s).

Pull person as EC only if contact sequence is set

When marked, any person who has a relationship to a student where the relationship type exists inside of the OLR Emergency Contact (EC) relationship list, and the EC sequence is used, is listed as an Emergency Contact.

When not marked, only persons sharing a relationship type that exists in the EC list appears.

Pull health information

When marked, existing students have health conditions and medications populated from the core Health area. Parents can indicate if the condition or medication is current. 

A health condition is included when there is no end date or when the end date is in the future. A medication is included when the remaining doses is greater than zero or date submitted is within 6 months, or the last date the medication was taken (create date from office visit) is within 6 months.

Health conditions and medications that districts wish to exclude can be listed within the Condition Exclude and Medications Exclude lists on the OLR Lists Bank editor. 

Allow Batch Posting of Students with Medications or Health Conditions

OLR Prime Only

Allows for existing aplications, which have students with medical conditions or medications, to be batch posted.

All other rules apply for batch posting. If there is a change of address or a person added or removed from the application (including emergency contacts), the application cannot be batch posted.

Post addresses with school district's district ID

OLR Prime Only

When marked, a student's address posts with the District ID of the school district of the school the student is enrolled in.

Upload submitted receipt on application post

OLR Prime Only

When marked, the application that the parent submitted is uploaded to the Census > Person Documents, when the application is approved by the staff processor.

This requires the use of Digital Repository.

Registrar Options
Disable calendar filter for Staff Processing

When marked, building level OLR approvers have the ability to view all OLR applications. 

When not marked, building level OLR approvers are only able to view OLR Applications that have their school associated with the student(s) in the application.

The following order determines what school is linked to a student in an application:

  1. Enrollment record.
  2. School List value if it is enabled in the builder.
  3. The School Boundary if the setting in OLR System Settings is checked.
Disable calendar filter for Health Processing

When marked, building level OLR approvers have the ability to view OLR applications with students who have a health condition or medication entered on their application.

When not marked, building level OLR approvers only have the ability to view OLR applications with students who have health conditions entered on their application and an enrollment record.

Enable Student ProcessingWhen marked, allows the Student Processing link to appear once an application has been approved/posted within the Staff Processing toolset.
Show health pleats to approval admins and in reportsWhen marked, this shows the health information entered in the health pleat of the student entry application to approval admins and in reports.
Number of characters for first name linking matchIndicates the number of similar name matches in search results for linking a person to an existing person in Campus.

Select OLR System Settings

  1. Enter information or mark the checkboxes described above accordingly for each section.
  2. Click the Save button when finished.