Naiku Assessments in Assignments

PATH: Campus Instruction > Grade Book or Planner > Assignment > For Students > External Learning Tools

If enabled by the district, teachers have the options of administering Naiku assessments through assignments. Assessments created in Naiku are aligned in the For Students section of assignments. Students take assessments through Campus Student Portal.

Check out Naiku's website or call (612-35-NAIKU) for more information about their assessment system, including requesting a demo

Click External Learning Tool and select Naiku in For Students to align an assessment.

Configuring Campus for Naiku

Naiku must be purchased and configured at the district level and teachers must be given appropriate tool rights before they can integrate assessments with assignments. Admins should refer to the LTI Configuration article for more information.

Aligning an Assessment

  1. If Naiku has been enabled by your district, click External Learning Tool in the For Students section of an assignment and select Naiku.
  2. In the modal that opens, select an existing assessment or create a new one in Naiku.
  3. A new assessment is aligned when you save it. To add an existing assessment, click the Name of the assessment and then Use this assessment.
  4. The Resource Name field populates with the name of the assessment as entered in Naiku.
  5. If scores should be imported from Naiku into the Grade Book, leave Accept Scores marked. If this checkbox is not marked, the teacher must enter scores manually.
  6. Click OK to align the assessment.

Align an existing assessment or create a new one.

Check out the Naiku Support Center for instructional content about creating and managing assessments.

Administering Assessments

Students access aligned assessments through Campus Student Portal. A district must enable Campus Student to integrate Naiku assessments.

Students must use Campus Student to access Naiku assessments.

Teachers can view the assessment in Naiku for real-time results as students take the assessment.

Scoring Assessments

If Accept Scores is marked for the assessment, each student's score displays in the Grade Book once they've taken the assessment.

From the assignment detail, click the assessment name to view results in Naiku. Once all students have completed the assessment, close the assessment in Naiku to prevent students from continuing to access it.

View the assessment in Naiku by clicking on it in the assignment.

Considerations for Using Naiku Assessments