Enable Mobile Portal Notifications

PATH: System Administration > Portal > Preferences > Mobile

The Mobile tab enables push notification at the district level for use with the Campus Student Portal and Campus Parent Portal. When enabled, users receive notifications about the following student data updates:

Mobile Portal Notification

Enabling Push Notification

  1. Mark the Enable Push Notifications checkbox.
  2. Click the Save icon.

Notification Logic

Notifications are triggered by Campus user actions, such as recording attendance or scoring an assignment. Students and parents enable specific types of notifications and can set thresholds, such as only sending a food service notification when the student's balance falls below a certain dollar amount. Users of the Campus Student and Campus Parent apps must also select Stay Logged In when logging in to receive notifications.

Notifications are only delivered for Active Year calendars. The tools associated must also be enabled in the Display Options; for example, the Attendance tool must be enabled for students and parents to receive notifications.

Notification functionality is not guaranteed by Apple or Google.

Districts may need to allow access to cmq.infinitecampus.com on Port 5671 on their firewall to let notification messages out from their district.

Mobile Portal Supported Platforms

To use the Campus Student or Campus Parent apps, mobile devices must be on an Android version of 4.4 or later and iOS devices must be on a version of 9.0 or later.