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The Income Guide allows a user to set gross income levels for acceptance of free and reduced applications. These guidelines are based on federal standards provided by the USDA in early July of each year. Infinite Campus maintains the income guides and provides updates to them as they are published by the USDA. 

Income levels based on the number of people actively living in a household are available. Levels are created for both free and reduced applications and must be made in numerical order. The Application Wizard will use income levels appearing on this tool to determine application statuses.

Modifying federal income guidelines is NOT recommended. Districts can modify the values in the Income Guides, but be aware that incorrect Free and Reduced applications may be processed with the wrong eligibility status.

Income Guidelines

Meal Status Display

Income guidelines are provided for Free and Reduced Meal Status settings. To change the view of household incomes, select the appropriate Meal Status and School Year from the Household Income Guide editor. 

Income Guide Display