Modifying and Publishing State Graduation Data

PATH: Student Information > General > Graduation

The Student Graduation Tab in for State Edition users displays the earliest ninth grade enrollment information and the earliest NCLB cohort information as entered by the district.

State Edition Graduation Tab

Note the following:

The District level Graduation Record contains the same fields as the State Graduation Record.

Data only displays here after it has been synced from the district. There may be instances where a student does not have data available at the state level. Once the information has been synced, the graduation information displays.

State Graduation Setup

Review users' Tool Rights, the Graduation System Preference and determine if a task for publishing graduation records needs to be added to existing Task Scheduler processes.

Tool Rights

The following tool rights provide users the ability to modify graduation data. See the Tool Rights article for additional information.

GraduationAllows users to view the Graduation tab.Allows users to edit Graduation entries.N/AN/A
Modify CohortAllows users to read the entered cohort date.Allows users to modify the entered cohort date.N/AN/A
Modify 9th Grade Start DateAllows users to read the entered 9th grade start date.Allows users to modify the entered 9th grade start date.N/AN/A
Modify State Graduation RecordsAllows users to read state graduation records.Allows users to modify state graduation records.N/AN/A
Publish State Graduation RecordsN/AAllows users to publish state graduation records.N/AN/A
View Early Warning PercentileAllows users to view a student's Early Warning Percentile.Allows users to view a student's Early Warning Percentile.N/AN/A

State Graduation Tool Rights

State Graduation System Preference

A Lock State Graduation Records system preference determines how student graduation records at the state level behave for district-linked installations.

When the preference is set to Yes, existing state graduation records will not be auto-updated by new graduation records synced from districts. State Graduation records for students who do not already have those records will still be created. State users can manually change the record when the district appeals changes to the student's graduation tab.

When the preference is set to No (default setting), existing state graduation records will be auto-updated with new graduation records synced from districts on a regular basis.

Task Scheduler

Use the Task Scheduler to set a time when graduation data is published. Image 3 contains an example of a Daily recurring task for publishing graduation information. Users must have WRITE tool rights to publish graduation data.

TaskPrism URL Call
Send the current record with graduation SEID listed for on specific district's students
Send all state graduation records that have been modified since the last publish for all district's students

Send all of the state graduation records for students in specific districts (represented by District IDs, 23, 54 and 75, respective)

Modify the District IDs as needed.



Graduation Task Scheduler Entry

Edit the State Record

With proper tool rights, state users can modify the existing Earliest Grade 9 enrollment information.

  1. Select the Edit State Graduation Records icon. A State Graduation Record Editor displays.
  2. Make the necessary changes to the Grade 9 Date, the NCLB Cohort Year and the District selection.
  3. Click the Save icon when finished. The new data will display in the State Graduation Record section.

Editing State Graduation Records

Changes made by state users will not be seen by district users until the change is published.

Publish State Graduation Records

Users can choose to publish just one record, publish all changed records or publish all records. Districts do not have the ability to modify published state records.

Anywhere a student has a high school enrollment, a graduation record will also exist. This means that every district where the student has an enrollment record - whether active or past - will receive the published state graduation record. This happens regardless of the publish option chosen.

  1. Select the Publish State Graduation Records icon. A State Graduation Record Publishing Tool displays.
  2. Select the Districts from the list that displays. This list indicates students at these districts where graduation data was modified.
  3. Determine the appropriate publish action:
    1. Publish This Record - Only the record for the selected student is published.
    2. Publish All Changed Records - All records from all students since last time data was published is updated.
    3. Publish All Records - All records that have been updated and those that have not been updated are published. 

The page will process. When finished a confirmation message displays indicating the successful publication of the information.

Publishing State Graduation Records

GRAD Score

The Graduation-Related Analytic Data (GRAD) score summarizes a student's educational record with a single number indicating the student's likelihood of completing high school. Infinite Campus automatically calculates GRAD scores by measuring factors predictive of dropping out and factors indicative of a student's persistence to graduation. 

Lower GRAD scores mean a student has more risk factors shared with past students who dropped out of high school. Higher GRAD scores mean a student has fewer such risk factors and more risk factors shared with past students who persisted to graduation. 

GRAD Score functionality is only available for Kentucky customers.

For more information, see this section of the View Graduation Data article.

GRAD Score

State Graduation Data in Ad hoc Reporting

The following State Edition Graduation fields are available for reporting in Ad hoc Filter Designer:

Comparing State Level Graduation Records with District Level Graduation Records

There is no available report for comparing state graduation information with district graduation information. Graduation fields can be selected in the Filter Designer to compare the information at the differing locations or to find where data is missing. Use the following fields to compare actively enrolled students' local graduation records to the state graduation record for each student:

The report might look like this:













































Students BBB and CCC have a different cohort year on their state graduation record than on their district graduation record.