Google Drive Integration

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Integrating Campus with Google Drive allows teachers to interact with Google Drive through their assignments in three ways:

  • Linking files to the Teacher Notes and videos to the Portal Description of an assignment.
  • Attaching a Drive file to an assignment that students can open and interact with based on the teacher's sharing preferences.
  • Allowing students to attach Drive files to assignments in the Portal.


You can only use Google Drive files in Campus through your Google Apps for Education Google account. However, you can share drive files from another Google account with your Google Apps for Education account and make that account the owner to use the files created in another account.

Access to these options is enabled by your Campus Administrator and governed by a specific tool right. Configuration is performed in the Google Drive area of System Administration.

Connecting to Your Google Account

Before you can use any of the Drive options in Campus, you must connect your Google account.

  1. Click either the Drive icon in the Teacher Notes or Portal Description, or Attach a Google Drive file.
  2. Make sure your Google Apps for Education email address is selected in the top right of the window that displays. If that email address is not an option, click Add Account and log into your Google Apps for Education account.
  3. Click Allow to connect this Google account with Campus.

Your Campus account and Google Drive account are now connected. At this point, you can select a file to include.

Allow Campus to Access your Google Drive Account

Incorporating Drive Files

There are two ways to incorporate Drive files into an assignment, linking them from the assignment's Notes, Description, or Assignment Feedback, or attaching a file. Linking a file simply provides a link to a view only version of the file. In comparison, attaching a file to an assignment allows teachers to determine how students will interact with the file, such as viewing or making their own copy.

Adding Files or Videos to the Notes or Description

Click the Drive icon () to add a link to a file to the Teacher Notes. Files linked here are only visible within the assignment, which is a useful option for items such as answer keys. Adding a link to a file in this way links to a view only version of the file.

In the Portal Description, click the Youtube icon ( ) to search for a video for students to view in the Portal. After searching, select an item to link and click Select. Videos play within the assignment editor.

Linking a Video in the Description of an Assignment

Attaching Files to an Assignment

Attaching a Google Drive file to an assignment allows students to access it through the Portal. Teachers can also enable Student Submission of Google Drive files by students. For example, teachers could attach an essay prompt that students respond to in a separate file, or a worksheet that students can complete and return. Campus uses information about the assignment to control who has access to edit a file during assigning, completing, and scoring the assignment. 

Attach a file to an assignment by selecting Attach a Google Drive File below the Portal Description and selecting a file from your Google Drive account to attach. Each file has unique viewing and sharing preferences.

Attachment Options and Sharing Preferences

When you attach a file, you determine how students will interact with the file and how the file can be shared.

Attachment Options for Drive Files
Attachment Options: Determines if students all view a read-only version of the file or if copies are made for each student.
Students view this file

Students have read-only access to the attached file.

For example, use this option for an essay prompt that students should read and then respond to in a separate file.

Students make copies of file

When a student clicks the file to open it from the Portal, a copy of the file is made for that student. The name of the copied file is the original file name plus the student's first and last name in parenthesis. Campus creates a file structure and saves the file to the student's Drive account. The file structure is as follows: Infinite Campus Assignments > Calendar Name > Course-Section Number & Course Name > Assignment Name.

For example, use this option to distribute a worksheet that students should fill out and return to you.

Sharing Preferences: Determines how the file can be shared. These options correspond to and update sharing preferences in Google Drive. Default Sharing Preferences apply.
Share file with anyone Anyone who has a direct link to the file can view it.

Share file with users of [your domain]

All users in the same domain (in this case, your district's Google Apps for Education domain) can open the file from a link.

Campus recommends selecting this option.

Don't share (I will manually manage sharing)The owner must manually set up sharing settings for the file. Choosing this option requires you to manually share the file with each individual who needs it by adding their email address to the Share list.

Once these preferences are set for an uploaded file, modify them by clicking the Options link for the file:

Click to Modify Attachment and Sharing Options

Default Sharing Preferences

Access your default sharing preferences by clicking Edit Defaults in the Attachment Options screen or Google Drive Preferences in the Student Work Product area. 

Your Preferences include the following:

Your Teacher Google AccountShows the Google account you currently have connected to Campus. This is the account that owns turned in files.
Assignments Google Drive FolderWhere files are stored. Campus creates a file structure as follows for files submitted by students in your Drive: Calendar Name > Course-Section Number & Course Name > Assignment Name > Student Name.
Default sharing settings for Google Drive files attached assignmentsThe default sharing preference selected for attached assignments.

Assignment Workflow - Who Can Edit?

Note: You can fully manage editing and sharing rights in Campus. However, updating these rights directly from Google Drive overwrites Campus settings.

The following workflow describes the process of assigning, completing, turning in, and scoring an assignment.

  1. Teacher creates assignment, attaches a Google Drive file, and marks the Student Work Product > Enable Student Submission > Google Drive Submissions checkbox.
  2. Student accesses the assignment in the Portal through the Calendar, Schedule, or Grades.
  3. Student clicks link to the Drive file.
    1. If you selected "Students view this file" for the attachment, the student can only access the file in view only mode.
    2. If you selected "Students make copies of file" for the attachment, a copy of the file is saved to the student's Drive with the student's first and last name added to the title of the assignment.
  4. Student creates a separate Drive file in response or modifies the copy.
  5. Student clicks Attach a Google Drive File and attaches the response file.

    As soon as the student clicks Save on the assignment, Campus transfers ownership of the file from the student to the teacher. The teacher is now the owner of the file and the student can only view it in view only mode.

    Students can reassign ownership to themselves by deleting the file attachment, as long as the teacher has not marked the assignment as "Turned In."

  6. Teacher opens Grade Book, expands the Assignment Detail, and clicks Evaluate Work. (See the Enable Student Submission in Assignments article for more information about accessing submitted assignments.)
  7. Teacher views the file in the scoring screen or clicks the name of the file in the submission list.

    Campus creates a file structure for the assignment as follows: Calendar Name > Course-Section Number & Course Name > Assignment Name > Student Name.

  8. Teacher scores the assignment.
    1. Teachers can suggest edits to the file by selecting Suggesting instead of Editing in the top right corner of the Drive file. Feedback can be entered in the Google file or in the Teacher Feedback area of the Submissions list.
    2. Return edit rights to the student so that they can modify a turned in file. From the list in the Submission Scoring screen, mark Edit to return edit rights, or View to revoke those rights. See the Scoring Submissions article for more information.