Generate Saved Transcripts

PATH: Student Information > General > Transcripts

In the Campus.1745 Release (November 2017), a new Student Transcript tab is available in Student Information > Counseling > General. The existing Student Transcript tab in Student Information > General remains for the time being.

Any records added to the new transcript also display in the existing student transcript tab; records added on the existing student transcript tab also display in the new transcript. Any records posted using the Post to Transcript tool also post to both.

Select the report from the dropdown list at the top of the Transcripts tab. The transcript will display in a new window. Schools can create their own transcript reports by adding a transcript report in the Report Preferences tool. These transcript reports then display in the Choose a Transcript Format dropdown.

Or, generate the Default transcript report. See the image labeled Default Transcript for an example of this. The Transcript Report Preferences article describes all available options for a transcript report; items labeled as Default display on the Default Transcript report.

Control whether the Default Transcript Report displays as a print option by setting the Enable Default Transcript System Preferences (added in the Campus.1813 Release Pack).

Transcript Report Generation

All transcript courses display on the printed transcript regardless of how a student is scored and what transcript preference options were selected for credits and standard. This selection affects the display of the credits/standard groups displayed in the Credit Summary and Standards Summary.

Note that In-Progress grades and planned courses are not counted in the Credit Summary.

A transcript prints for each of the student's households with a guardian where the Mailing checkbox marked. If all of the the student's guardians are in the same household, only one transcript prints. If guardians are in more than one household, the number of households in which the guardians reside determines how many transcripts print.

Transcript Print

Default Transcript Report