Filtering and Sorting the Grade Book

PATH: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Settings

Filtering options determine which students and/or assignments display in the Grade Book.

Sorting options change the order in which assignments display in the Grade Book. Additionally, each column in the Grade Book has double arrows in the header, which can be used to sort the Grade Book by that column (alphabetically by student name or numerically by score or grade).

Sorting Assignments

Open the Sort window to sort how assignments display horizontally in the Grade Book. These options are saved with the Grade Book and apply each time you open or reload it.

Grade Book Sorting Window

The option to sort Students by Section applies to Section Groups. If a group is selected, unmarking Section sorts students alphabetically without grouping them by section (Ascending or Descending).

For assignments, the Sort By option determines how assignments are grouped in the Grade Book, by Category (alphabetically, then by sequence), Sequence, or Due Date.

The Sort Order option determines the order of assignments:

Past the midway point of the term, it may be useful to reverse the order in which assignments appear.

Sorting Students

Click the pair of arrows that appear in many column headers in the Grade Book to sort students by the values in that column.

You can also sort students alphabetically using the arrows at the top of the Students column.

Sorting Students by Score, Grade, or Proficiency Estimate

Filtering By Students and Assignments

Open the Filter window to filter the Students and Assignments that display in the Grade Book. With the exception of the Settings > Filter Defaults, these options are reset each time you reopen or reload the Grade Book.

When filters are set, a blue dot appears in the Filter button. In the filter window, counts display next to each option. These counts are dynamic based on the options selected.

Grade Book Filtering WindowThe following filter options are available:

Student Filters

Teachers have the option of posting grades when a Student Group or Individual Student is selected.


Students Shown


Shows only students who have a Passing or Failing grade in the section. This filter is based on In Progress Grade and the Grading Scale selected in the grade calculation options.

Student GroupShows only students who are in the selected group(s).
Score FlagShows only students who have at least one assignment marked with the selected score flag. All assignments (rather than only flagged ones) display, unless the corresponding score flag is marked in the assignment filters.
Individual Student

Search for an individual student to exclude all others from view. This option is helpful when showing a student only their scores during a meeting or parent-teacher conference.

This option mirrors the effect of expanding a student in the Grade Book and clicking "Hide Others."

Assignment Filters


Students Shown


Show only assignments in the selected category(s).

Student GroupShows only assignments assigned to the selected group(s).
Score FlagShows only assignments that have the selected score flag marked for at least one student. All students (rather than only flagged ones) display, unless the corresponding score flag is marked in the student filters.
Due Date

Shows only assignments due during the calendar week(s) selected.

These options can be set as the default Grade Book view that apply automatically when you open or reload the Grade Book.

Individual AssignmentSearch for an individual assignment to only view that one. This option is helpful to score a specific assignment among many.

Filter Defaults

PATH: Grade Book > Filter > Settings

PATH: Grade Book > Settings > Filter Defaults

The three Due Date filters can be set as default filters for the Grade Book. Set defaults from the Filter window or the Grade Book Settings menu.

Filter Default Options

When set as default, these filters apply automatically when you open or reload the Grade Book.

Filtering Tips