File Types (Digital Repository)

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Digital Repository allows for the upload of all file types with the exclusion of the extensions listed below.

You cannot upload a document with a file name containing one or more of the following illegal characters:  | . , [ ] { } ( ) ! ; " * ? < > : / \ Tab, LF, CR

The following file types cannot be uploaded to the Digital Repository:

Excluded File Types

.application ClickOnce Deployment Manifest file

.bat Batch file

.class A compiled .java file

.cmd Command file

.com Simple executable file

.cpl Control Panel file

.dll Dynamic-link Library

.exe Executable file format

.gadget Small program file

.hta HTML executable file

.inf Setup Information file

.jar Java Archive file

.java Java source code file

.js Java script file

.jsp JavaServer Pages file

.lnk Windows executable file

.msc Microsoft management console file

.msi Installer package file format

.msp Windows Installer patch file

.pif Program Information Files

.reg Registration file

.scf Windows Explorer command file

.scr Screensaver file

.vbs Virtual Basic Script

.xsl XML style sheet

Maximum File Size

The maximum file size allowed is determined by your district in the Digital Repository Preferences area. See the Local Cache Size and Max File Size Setup article for more information.