Evaluate Student Work using Scoring Rubrics

Advanced assignment tools are available as part of the Campus Learning premium offering. Visit What is Campus Learning? to learn more.

PATH: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Expanded Assignment > Evaluate Work

PATH: Campus Instruction > Control Center > Score

Evaluate student work using a scoring rubric by clicking Evaluate Work in the Grade Book or by clicking Score and the #/# Scored link in the Control Center.

If the student has submitted work using Google Drive or the text editor, view the scoring rubric next to the student's submission. Download other types of submissions to view. See the Scoring Submissions article for more information about scoring.

If the assignment does not have submissions enabled, the scoring rubric alone opens.

View the Scoring Rubric next to the student's submission.

Resize the view of the scoring rubric using the arrow and collapse icons in the left margin of the scoring rubric

Select scoring rubric cells to highlight.

Enter Comments by row. Click Save when finished.

Students and parents can view unscored and scored rubrics for assignments in the Campus Student and Campus Parent apps.