District Employment

If Campus Human Resources is enabled, Household information is maintained in the Personnel Master. See the following article for more information:

Campus SIS Integration with Campus HR

PATH: Census > People > District Employment

The District Employment tab provides information on all current and past employees within the district or state.

District Employment

A staff icon will appear next to a person's name if that person has a Staff ID. When searching for staff, use either the Quick Search Staff option or the Advanced Search settings. This will return staff members who have both a District Employment record and a District Assignment record.

A System Preference is available - Require Employment Record for District Assignment - that determines how District Employment records work in conjunction with District Assignment records. The Employment tab creates a district employment record; the District Assignment tab creates a school or building employment record. 

Employment Editor information

The fields available on this editor may vary by state. Enter appropriate information required by the applicable reporting agency for completing this editor.

Data Element


Start Date

Indicates the date on which employment in the district began for the staff person. This is a required field. Dates are entered in mmddyy format, or use the calendar icon to select a date. 

End Date

Indicates the date on which employment in the district ended for the staff member. Entering an end date will cause the staff person to appear in red text when that person is returned in search results. Dates are entered in mmddyy format, or use the calendar icon to select a date.

A District Employment record is considered active through midnight on the entered end date.  For example, if the district employment record is ended for a staff person as of September 19, the district employment record is considered active until midnight on September 19. At 12:01am on September 20, the district employment record is no longer active.

Teacher Start Year

Indicates the date in which the staff person began teaching (when the teaching license was received). 

Teaching Years Modifier

Used to add a value to the total number of teaching years in the Years Teaching column of the Staff Report.

Calculations may vary from state to state. Review state specific documentation for details.

License Number

Staff person's teaching license number. 

FTE Percent (whole number 0-100)

Indicates the percent of time an employee is working during a full-time work week. This field accepts whole numbers between 0-100. If a user enters decimal numbers, (1.4, .75, etc.) the value is rounded up or down when the record is saved (1.4 rounds to 1, .75 rounds to 1, 2.8 rounds to 3).

Not all states use this field.

The District Assignments editor also included a FTE of Assignment field.

Ed-Fi Org Title Code

This field gives users access to the Ed-Fi Dashboards based on the Title that is selected for the staff.


Indicates the staff person's tenure, if applicable.  Options are as follows:

  • 1: 1st Year
  • 2: 2nd Year
  • 3: 3rd Year
  • T: Tenure


Indicates the level of schooling the staff person has.  Options are as follows:

  • 1: Doctorate
  • 2: Master's degree 30+ semester hours
  • 3: Master's degree
  • 4: Bachelor's degree 30+ semester hours
  • 5: Bachelor's degree
  • 6: Less than bachelor's degree

Additional options for the Education and Seniority fields can be added using the Campus Attribute Dictionary.

District Employment Validations

A staff person cannot have multiple employment records within the same time period in the same district.  For example, if a teacher has a district employment record that begins in September of 2010, a second employment record that begins in September of 2011 cannot be added. 

The first record will not be automatically ended; however, a warning message will appear indicating that an existing employment record exists and that overlapping records are not allowed.


District Employment - Overlap Warning

This same message will appear when a user attempts to create an employment record that overlaps at any point and time with an existing record, even if the existing record is ended.  For example, if an employment record with a start date of September 2001 was ended in May of 2010, a new employment record cannot be created that has a start date within those dates of employment.

Add Employment Records

  1. Enter the Start Date of the employment in the district. When the staff member ends employment, enter the date of his/her last day within the district in the End Date field. 
  2. Enter a date in the Teaching Start Year field.  This is the year the staff person started teaching, if that person is a teacher.  
  3. Enter the number of years the staff person has been teaching in the Teaching Years Modifier field. This number needs to be a whole number.
  4. Enter the staff member’s License Number.
  5. Enter the full time employment percent of the staff person in the FTE Percent field.
  6. Select the type of Seniority of the employee from the dropdown list.
  7. Select the employee’s Education Level from the dropdown list.
  8. Click the Save icon when finished.

Edit Employment Records

  1. Select the Employment Record that needs to be modified. 
  2. Enter an End Date for record. This keeps the dates of the employment record but indicates the staff person is no longer active.
  3. Click the Save icon when finished.

When an Employment Record is ended, a District Assignment record may also need to be ended.

Manage District Employment Documents

To view documents, click the Documents button on the action bar. Users with the appropriate tool rights may also complete the following tasks.