Curriculum View

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PATH: Campus Instruction > Planner > Curriculum View

The Curriculum view of the Planner shows assignments in each of your sections, based on the school and calendar options you've selected. This view gives you the opportunity to view all assignments for a given week or day and modify them as needed.

An additional option displays on the right where you can select specifically which sections display.

Curriculum View in the Planner

The bar for each assignment runs from the Assigned Date to the Due Date. Click on the assignment name to view and modify the assignment, or click the Add button to create an assignment.

See the Add Curriculum from the Library article for more information about searching the curriculum library.

You can also modify an assignment by clicking on it and dragging it to a new day within the same section. Dates automatically update based on your placement.

Click on the Period #, Students: # line on a day to view a student list, which includes any scheduled absences. Print this list if desired.

Student Attendance in the Curriculum View

Click the name of a section to open additional section options:

Section Options

Click the name of an assignment and then click Score to score an assignment from the planner.

Scoring an Assignment through the Curriculum View

Click the RTI icon to enter an intervention delivery record from the planner (see image below). 

A teacher must have at least R(ead) tool rights to Document Sections (Student Information > Response to Intervention > General > Documents > Plan > Document Sections) in order to access the View Plan and Link to Resource links shown on the Intervention Delivery screen (see the image below).

Entering an Intervention Delivery Record through the Curriculum View