Curriculum Templates (Grading & Standards)

PATH: System Administration > Campus Learning > Curriculum > Curriculum Templates

Curriculum Templates define the recommended elements for curriculum descriptions. Templates can be used by teachers to standardize curriculum components. Consistency could be more useful when shared with other teachers through the curriculum Library.

Campus recommends keeping templates simple, limiting them to recommended headings, rather than complex guidelines that may not fit teachers' needs. Templates provide guidelines to teachers, but the content in a template can be modified once it is added to the curriculum.

Templates are available to all teachers in the district.

Curriculum Templates

Creating a Template

  1. Select the New button.
  2. Enter a unique Name for the template.
  3. Leave the Active checkbox marked if the template should be available for teachers.
  4. Enter content to appear in the Teacher Notes section. This data is only available when viewing the item and cannot be seen by students.
  5. For assignments, enter content in the Student Instructions section. These instructions display in student and parent views.
  6. Click Save to save the grading scale.

Uses in Campus

Teachers have the option of adding templates to a unit, lesson plan, or assignment. Templates are added below any existing content. Template content can be deleted. 

Selecting a Template in an Assignment