Curriculum Planner

 This tool is available as part of the Campus Learning premium offering. Visit What is Campus Learning? to learn more.

The Curriculum Planner allows users to add curriculum to all sections of a course at the course level. Curriculum directors can create units, lesson plans, or assignments in the planner, or add existing items from the library. This article provides an overview of using the curriculum planner and links to other articles for more in depth information.

The Curriculum Planner corresponds to the Planner available to teachers in the premium Campus Learning offering in Campus Instruction. Changes made by the curriculum director are reflected in the teacher view, and changes made by teachers are visible here.

Assignments added in this planner are also assigned and visible to students. Unmark the Portal checkbox to hide items from student and parent views.

Image of the Curriculum Planner tool

The Curriculum Planner shows all sections in a course and allows users to

Managing Curriculum

Curriculum can be created in the curriculum planner or added from the Library. Items are added to teachers' planners in real-time as they are added in the curriculum planner.

New Curriculum

  1. Click New for one of the sections in the course.
  2. Select an item to create, a Unit, Lesson Plan, or Assignment.
  3. Below the Section name, click Add/Remove to add the item to multiple sections at the same time.
  4. For lesson plans or assignments, expand For Teachers and select a Unit or Unit/Lesson Plan as a parent.
  5. Review the Units and Lesson Plans and Assignments articles for further details about scheduling, grading and scoring, content for students, content for teachers, an metadata.

Library Curriculum

  1. Click Library to search for existing curriculum to add to the sections.
  2. Select the type of curriculum to search for, a unit, lesson plan, or assignment.
  3. Use the Keyword Search to find items, or use Advanced Search options to refine results.
  4. Unmark the checkbox below the search bar to search for curriculum in courses other than the current one.
  5. Select an item and click Add to Section. Review these articles for more information about the Add to Section process:

Navigating the Planner

Additional tools and options are available in different areas of the planner.


The setting menu allows the user to set various preferences, including display options and .

Course ColorDetermines the color of sections in the planner.
Display PreferencesIndicate if Saturday and Sunday should be shown in week view.
Curriculum PreferencesSelect the default templates used when creating new curriculum
Section VisibilityAllows curriculum in the selected sections to be visible to teachers through their Other Curriculum tab.

Curriculum and To Do List

Use the options in the Curriculum menu to filter the planner by type of curriculum and select which sections to display.

Add items to the To Do list and mark them as complete to track needed tasks. Tasks entered only display here and not in teachers' planners.

Section Name

Click the section name to access a list of additional tools. These tools include: