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The Contact Log records all instances of communication by school personnel regarding a particular student. This communication can be with the student, their guardians, or others, and could include letters or email, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings.

PLP Contact Log

Clicking on an entry in the log opens that entry in the detail window below. Entries in the contact log can be sorted by clicking the arrows next to the header titles. Hold the shift key to sort by multiple columns.

To filter the log, enter or select a value below the column header. Only entries containing that value will be shown.

For example, the following image shows the contact log filtered by communications that included the student's guardians.

Contact Log filtered by Contact: Guardian

Contact Log Fields





The date and time contact was made.

Auto-populates to the current date and time.


Who was contacted.

Could be used to record the name of the individual or their relationship to the student, such as Parent/Guardian.

Contact Type

How the person was contacted

This list varies by school/district and is set in the Attribute/Dictionary.

Contacted By

The staff person who initiated the contact.

When creating a record from the Contact Log, this field auto-populates as the current user. Otherwise displays the name of the user who created the contact record.


Additional information regarding the content or purpose of the communication.

Limited to 500 characters. Only 65 characters show in the log list, but additional text is available upon hover.

Create a PLP Contact Log

Manually create contact log entries to record communication with students and guardians.

  1. Click New in the action bar to open a new log entry.
  2. Change the Date and Time of the communication if desired. The current date and time will auto-populate.
  3. Select the means used to communicate as the Contact Type.
  4. Enter the person contacted as the Contact.
  5. Enter any Details regarding the log entry, such as what was communicated, whether the contact was successful, etc.
  6. Click Save in the action bar to save the entry and add it to the log above. 

Print the Contact Log

The entries on the Contact Log can be printed by selecting the Print icon from the action bar. A dialog box will appear with print options.

Print Contact LogAfter entering the desired specifications, click Print. A PDF displays in a new window that includes basic student information and the records which meet the entered print requirements. The first line of each record includes the Date/Time, the Type, who was Contacted, and who they were Contacted By. The second line includes the full text of the detail description.

Contact Log Print