The Census module tracks every person entry in Infinite Campus - parents, staff, students, emergency contacts, doctors, etc. Demographic data is used throughout Campus, utilizing historic details of each person.

See the Census Tool Rights for additional information.

Manage Family Data

Add Persons

Maintenance of Individuals



Create new identities


Change contact information


Create relationships between people


Assign fees to individuals

Fees (Persons)

Approve census data entered through Campus Student/Campus Parent

Portal Request Processor

Staff Records



Find Staff

Staff Locator

Add Employment Records

District Employment

Add Employment Building Assignments and Roles

District Assignment

Add staff credentials


Self-maintenance of Staff Data

My Data

Process Self-modified staff data

Staff Request Processor

Process staff information in Campus Human Resources

Personnel Master

Student Records



Enroll a new student

New Student Registration

Create Enrollment Records

Enrollments (Census)

Household Information



Create Households

Add Household

Add household contact information

Household Information

Add addresses to households

Household Addresses

Add persons to existing households

Households (People)

Add persons to new households

Households (People)

Add Fees for households

Household Fees

Address Information



Create Addresses

Add Address

Edit Address Information

Address Information

Add Households to Addresses

Address Households

Add Schools Boundaries

Address Schools

Document Attachments

Generate Census Related Reports



Generate a list of individuals who have changed addresses during a specific date range

Address Change Report

Generate student addresses

Census by Address

Generate a list of student birth dates

Census by Birth Date

Generate a list of students within the school boundaries

Census by School Boundary

Generate student census information

Census Verification

Generate a list of students on Federal installations or guardians working at Federal installations

Impact Aid Report

Generate labels for mailing

Mailing Labels

Private Checkbox Information

Throughout Census are checkboxes on several editors that allow staff to mark certain data as private. This can be done on mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Sample Private Checkbox

This checkbox can be marked to indicate the data should be kept within school settings. District staff can pull that information in an ad hoc filter, indicating which individuals would like their contact information kept private.

Marking this does not remove data from any reports or hide the information in any way, except in the following instances:

The following areas have a Private checkbox:

When private checkboxes are marked, the ad hoc filter lists these items as 1; if the private checkbox is not marked, the filter lists these items as 0.The following image shows the Private checkbox options in the Filter Designer.

Ad hoc Private Checkbox Fields