Infinite Campus is committed to providing state regulated functionality throughout all modules. Additional areas of the Campus application contain modifications related to state specific installations.

The State Reporting folder houses all regulated reporting extracts. For additional information on regulated reporting, consult the California Department of Education.

Localized Tabs

The following list describes the areas of Campus that have been localized for California users:

State Reporting

The California State Reporting folder contains all required state reporting extracts, as determined by the California Department of Education. Required extracts focus on financial, student, staffing and accountability data from the public school districts.

Available extracts for California include:



CALPADS Extracts

These extracts meet the reporting guidelines and requirements for the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System.

ELC Direct Upload to UC Extract

This extract allows submission of students in the top 15% of their class, as determined by the students' grad point average.

CSR J-7 Enrollment Report

The J-7 CSR Report lists the average number of students enrolled in each section of the courses chosen. This is the official K-3 CSR Report.

Class Size Average (K-12) Report

The Class Size Reduction (CSR) extract is part of the Class Size Reduction Program that provides assistance in reducing class size for ninth-grade English and one other ninth-grade course required for graduation (mathematics, science or social studies). This report can be used as an averaging tool but is not the official state report.

CSR J-9 MHA Report

The CSR J-9 Report provides funds to school districts for participating schools that reduce class in Grade 9 English and other Grade 9 courses required for education.

Class Size Penalties Report

The Class Size Penalties Report is used to determine whether a district meets or exceeds the maximum class sizes as determined by California Ed Code (section 41376 and 41378).

Monthly Attendance Register

The Monthly Attendance Register is used to review and verify student attendance.

Monthly Attendance Summary

The Monthly Attendance Summary is used to review and verify student attendance.

Hourly Attendance Report

The Hourly Attendance Report is used to track and report supplemental hourly attendance.

Single Period Attendance

The Single Period Attendance Report lists students that have been marked absent for all periods in the instruction day except for one, and provides a verification form for teacher sign off.

Community Day Attendance

The Community Day Report lists attendance for students in Community Day schools and programs. This is indicated on the student’s Enrollment tab. All students in Attendance Funding Category 23: Community Day School or 34: Community Day – Mandatory Expelled will be included in the report.

Continuation Attendance

This report shows attendance hours for students enrolled in Continuation programs, including allowable backfilled hours.


ROC/IP Attendance Report

The ROC/P (Regional Occupational Center or Program) Attendance Report provides a verification of students who are in the ROC/P funding category. This report can be sorted by School Month or by Reporting Periods. ROC/P attendance is counted only for students who have an Attendance Funding Category of either 24: ROC/P or 41: ROC/P Concurrent selected in the State Reporting Enrollment editor.

Track Jumper ADA

Students who are marked as a Track Jumper on an active enrollment are included in this report.

ASAM Report

The Alternative Schools Accountability Model (ASAM) provides an accountability framework for alternative schools serving very high-risk student populations. Enrollment and selected indicators can be reported.

CalGrant GPA Verification Extract

This report creates a file to upload CalGrant GPAs for 12th grade students into the CalGrant web application or to print a review document showing student names and CalGrant GPA.

Users can generate one of three reports:

  • CalGrant Verification - lists what students are included in the upload file and their GPA. This should be generated first to review student GPA information.
  • CalGrant Upload - uploads the student's GPA information using their Social Security number. 
  • CalGrant Non-SSN - uploads the student's GPA information using their Student ID.
CAHSEE Pre-ID ExtractThe California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) was created as a way to help identify students who are not developing skills that are essential for life after high school.
CELDT Pre-ID ExtractThe CELDT (California English Language Development Test) extract is generated to request Pre-ID labels for students who are English Language Learners.

Perkins CDE 101 E-1

The Perkins CDE 101 E-1 Extract reports career technical education (CTE) Enrollment and Program Completion information required from all regional occupational centers and programs (ROCPs).

Perkins CDE 101 E-2The CDE 101 E-2 Report collects the annual placement data for twelfth grade completers mandated by the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Ace and CA Ed. Code.

Blue Card Report
Blue Card Requirements (California)

The Blue Card Report provides a view of students' immunizations. The report uses data entered on a student's immunizations tab and screening tab, in addition to the Blue Card Requirements tab.

ASES ReportThe ASES Report provides a list of students who attended before and after school programming.
GSSM ReportThe Golden State Seal Merit Report lists students who qualify for the Golden State Seal on their diploma.

Best Practices

In addition to documentation that is provided for generating and reviewing data collected for state reporting extracts, this document provides best practices for entering data into Campus. Topics will vary. 

If you have a suggestion or idea for a topic, use the Give Feedback link to the right. 

This is considered a living document with frequent changes. Check regularly for updates.

The following topics are available:

Special Education

California does not currently use Campus-provided special education management.