Assignment Marks (Campus Instruction)

PATH: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Settings > Assignment Marks

Assignment marks allow teachers to create their own grading thresholds, which convert scores entered into percents. Assignment marks are applied to a single assignment at a time. This tool could be useful in instances when you want to create a custom set of scores for an assignment that should have a numeric effect on student score. Teachers also have access to sets of Marks created by their district. Ownership of marks is indicated in the list.

For example, an art teacher may want to score projects with a letter grade rather than a point value. The assignment marks would then convert that letter grade into a numeric percentage for grade calculation.

Assignment Marks Accessed from the Grade Book

The Assignment Marks list includes both those you've created and those made by your district (shown in the Owner column).

Using Assignment Marks

Assignment marks can be used when you need a custom scale for a specific type of activity. For example, a teacher could use marks similar to those shown below to score a daily free writing assignment where students either complete the assignment satisfactorily, completed it but needs improvement, or did not do the assignment at all.

Assignment marks are aligned to individual assignments in the scoring slignment area:

Select marks in specific assignments to use in scoring.

When applied to an assignment, the assignment marks are used to indicate passing scores in the Grade Book.

Assignments scored with marks require a Total Points so that grade book knows how to include the assignment in grade calculations. For example, if a + is worth 100%, the Total Points determine if that is 100% of 10 points, of 50 points, etc.

In the example of the daily writing tasks, a teacher could create an assignment for the first day and then copy it by opening the assignment in the Grade Book and clicking the Copy button in the bottom right hand corner. Copy the assignment for each day you'll do this task, changing the Name and Due Date of each one.

Creating Assignment Marks

Create assignment marks to address specific scenarios when you may want custom scoring options.

Sample Assignment Marks
  1. From the Grade Book, open the Settings menu and click Assignment Marks in the Grade Book Setup section.
  2. In the window that opens, click the Add button at the bottom right hand corner.
  3. Enter a Name for the marks. The Owner of the grading scale defaults to your name.
  4. Click Add Row to begin adding items to the marks. To remove an item, click the blue X next to it.
  5. For each item, the Sequence auto-populates. Enter the following fields for each item:
    1. A Score, the mark used to score the assignment.
    2. A % Earned, the numeric equivalent of the score entered. Unlike grading scales, multiple scores can have the same percent value, which can be used to communicate different types of marks that have the same value.
    3. Indicate if the score is considered passing.
  6. When you've added rows for each item, click Save to add the marks to your list. You are listed as the owner of the marks.