Graduation Progress (Portal)

This document is written for use by parents. Districts can choose to provide this information to their parents or use it as a guide for creating district-owned documentation.

The Graduation Progress tool allows students and parents/guardians a color-coded view ofof all courses within a student’s progress toward completion of a Graduation Plan or Career Technical Education (CTE) Plan.

For Graduation Programs, the tab displays the student's assigned academic program, listing the total credit the student has received and planned in each credit type assigned to the academic program. For CTE Programs, a list of test requirements and course requirements display.

The following can be done on this tab:

 Graduation Progress Tool

The numbers displayed on the left side of the slash refer to the number of credits earned, in progress or planned; the number on the right side of the slash is the number of credits required.

In Progress indicates the student is currently enrolled in a course that has not ended or that transcript information has not been posted. It's based on the number of credits assigned to the course. Planned courses are based on the assumed courses the student will take in the future, as noted on the Course Plan tool.

Grad Progress Layout

The Grad Progress screen contains a section for each component created with the Academic Program. The sections may include Credit Requirements, Course Requirements, Test Requirements and GPA Requirements. Progress toward completion of the Academic Plan can be highlighted as follows:

Program Display

The main view of the Graduation Progress tab shows the student's requirements for their assigned academic plan.

If a student does not have an assigned academic program, the tab still displays but no information is available.

No Academic Program Assigned

View Progress towards another Academic Program

It is possible to see a student's progress toward another program without modifying the student's current academic program assignment. For example, counselors may want to view a current Honors Program student's progress towards the Advanced Placement Program.

This can be done by selecting a different program from the dropdown list at the top of the page. The dropdown list contains all academic programs available for this student.

Viewing Progress towards another Program

Choosing to view a different program does not modify the student's existing program assignment. If the counselor and student decide to change programs after viewing the new program, the counselor would need to make that change. 

Expanding Grad Progress Areas

Additional information can be viewed for Credit Type, Course Requirements and Test Requirements by clicking the available plus signs. This detail is based on the components associated with the assigned Academic Program.

For each Credit Type where credits have been earned, attempted, are in-progress or are planned for the future, the following displays:

Credits that contribute to the overflow count are labeled, and failing scores are noted in red text (credit usually isn't given for failing scores).

When a course has a planning rule of Parent of/Child of, each course displays. Each course also displays the correct credit value, total value per credit type and total value per grade level for each course.

Credit Type Expansion

Expanding Course Requirements displays the student's grade level, course number and name, score they received and the credit toward the academic program they received.

Course Requirement Expansion

Test requirements show the Requirement Description (more often the name of the test), the date the test was taken, the raw or scale score received, the result code and the description of the result code. 

Test Requirements Display

GPA requirements do not have additional details to display, but the student's current GPA displays in the Progress column in either red (if the student does not meet the program minimum GPA requirements) or in green (if the student meets or exceeds the program's GPA requirements). 

GPA Requirements Display