Using Rollup Grade Calculations

Rollup calculations allow users to grade a parent standard based on the scores a student has received for child standards, rather than having to manually estimate the grade. Alternately, child standards can be selected to rollup to a grading task, with the rubric scores converted to numeric values and then into items in the score group selected for the task in grade calc options.

These calculations display in the Grade Book and Post Grades tool.

This calculation is set up at the Course or Course Master level. The rollup calculation options display in the Section's Grade Calc Options.

Read-only Rollup Calculation in Grade Calc Options

Rollup Calculation Setup

The following setup must be completed for rollup calculations to display for teachers:

Rollup Calculation in the Grade Book

In the Grade Book, rollup calculations display similarly to composite grading. The gray columns at the right display the posted (or in progress if not posted) grade for each of the child standards that contribute to the grade of the parent. The In Progress grade calculates based on the Calculation Type selected in the Course or Course Master Grade Calc Options.

Rollup Calculation in the Grade Book

Rollup Calculation in Post Grades

Rollup calculations also display in the Post Grades tool. In Progress Grades (or Posted if available) display for child standards with the rollup calculation shown for the parent standard or task in bold text.

Rollup Calculation in Post Grades

Click on the bold parent grade to view a list of the child standards that contributed to the grade and the calculation Type selected. Click on the grade for a child standard to view a list of the assignments aligned to that standard.

Grade Details in Post Grades