Course Registration (Campus Student)

PATH: Campus Student > More > Course Registration

Course Registration allows students enrolled in next year's calendar (or any future calendar) to select which courses they would like to take. This is just a course request process; it does not guarantee placement into a course. Parents can also request courses for students using this same process.

Campus Student Course Registration

Select Enrollment

  1. After logging in to Campus Student/Campus Parent, select More from the Index. Then select Course Registration. A list of Course Registration Enrollments displays.
  2. Select the desired enrollment. This is usually the next school year's enrollment (if the current school year is 2018-19 High School and you are currently in Grade 10, the next school year's enrollment is 2019-20 High School where you will be requesting courses for Grade 11).

Enrollment Selection

Note that multiple enrollments may be listed. Perhaps you have an enrollment in one high school in your district, and also take a course at another high school in the district. In this instance, two enrollment options for the same school year are listed.

You are now ready to enter Course Requests. When there are currently no course requests, a screen like the image on the left below displays. If some course requests have been entered, a screen like the image on the right displays.

No Existing Course Requests

Existing Course Requests

Required, Requested and Alternate Courses

When your counselor begins adding courses to student schedules, requested courses and required courses are given a higher priority for placement on your schedule. Alternate course requests are placed when the requested or required courses cannot be placed.

Course Units

The Course Units total indicates how complete your schedule is. In this example, the student has a full schedule when they have requested 72 units.

Course Units, Completion Value

This number is based on how the school calendar is set up. The color of the progress bar changes depending on the number of units requested, as does the total completion of the circle. 

Request as many courses as instructed by your counselor. If you cannot request that many courses, work with your counselor to complete the process. If you have a course plan, refer to that when requesting courses.

Request Courses

  1. Click the Add Course button. A list of courses available for selection displays.
  2. Begin typing the name of the course in the Search field. Matching results display below the search field.
  3. Select the desired Course. Information about that course (how many units and a description of the course) displays.
  4. Add the course by clicking Add Request. Or, click the Add Alternate button. This adds the course as an alternate course in case you cannot be scheduled into other courses.
  5. Return to the Add Course screen by clicking Back.

Repeat these steps until you have a complete or near complete schedule.

Add Course Requests

For a faster way to request courses:

  1. Search for the course.
  2. Click the blue plus sign on the left.
  3. In the popup message that displays, select Request, Alternate or Cancel.

Review Course Requests

When finished requesting courses, review the requests you have made and make adjustments as needed. 

If you are satisfied with your requests, click the Print button. This generates a PDF of your required and requested courses.

Completed Course Requests, Printed View