Verification (FRAM)


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The FRAM Verification tool helps districts complete the required, yearly process of verifying a percentage of approved, free/reduced applications.

Verification is confirmation of eligibility for free and reduced-price meals under the NSLP and the School Breakfast Program (SBP). Verification must include confirmation of income eligibility or confirmation that the child is included in a household currently certified to receive SNAP, FDPIR or TANF benefits. Verification may also include confirmation of any other information required in the application.

For more information on the Campus logic used in compliance with USDA regulations for Verification, please see the  Verification Types and Logic article.

Verification does not include the application type "Educational Benefits" or the eligibility type "Socioeconomic" (SES).

Applications with the status No Response should NOT be verified.

When one household has two separate household applications (different signers and different students included in the applications), to include both applications in the Verification Pool, the district must create two households in Campus but give them the same address. This way, the households can file two separate applications if they are considered two economic units at the same residence.

FRAM Verification Tool

The Verification process is completed in the following order. Click one of the following links to view detailed procedures.

Before you Begin

Verify that you have set up all required parameters on the FRAM Preferences tool.