Transaction Manager (Arizona)

The information on this page relates only to school districts in the state of Arizona. See the Arizona page for more information on state-specific reporting.

The Transaction Manager information is available for reference but does not provide Ed Fi reporting information. See the Understand Arizona Ed-Fi Data article for current information.

PATH: AZ State Reporting > Archived SAIS Reporting Tools > Transaction Manager

The Student Accountability Information System (SAIS) was created to provide new solutions to state and federal funding and reporting. The submission of student level data to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) from the school districts is essential in capturing specific information about the students. The Transaction Manager provides an automatic tool for uploading and submitting transaction data to the state Department of Education. Districts can use the Automation Control to generate the transactions on a regular basis. Data must be submitted every 20 days.

These transactions are no longer collected by the Arizona Department of Education and remain within Campus for retrieval of historical data which can be sent to the state for auditing purposes.

Users should submit data to the state via Ed-Fi (AZeds) functionality. For more information about Ed-Fi, see the following articles:

The Enrollment transaction is required for any person who generates state educational funds.

Transactions are divided into the following groups:

Membership Transactions

Needs Transactions

When a student is included in a transaction, the information is displayed on the student’s SAIS Transaction (SAIS TX) tab.

SAIS TX tab (Student Information > General > SAIS TX)

Report Editor

The Transaction Manager allows transaction files to be generated on an individual basis. The Transaction Manager File list displays all transactions built when All Schools is displayed on the top tool bar. Only School level files built for a particular school will display when the school is selected on the top tool bar.

Transaction Manager Report Editor

Report Generation

  1. Click the New icon.
    The Transaction Type Selection box appears.
  2. Select a school from the School dropdown list.
  3. Select the students to be included in the extract from the Ad hoc Filter dropdown list. (Optional)
  4. Select the checkbox next to the transactions you want to generate.
  5. Click the Build File icon.
    Campus generates the report. The new file displays in the File List and is available for viewing as HTML, saving as a data file, and uploading to the state.

Report File Names

School level transactions for Arizona state reporting have their own sequence number. The sequence number must be added to the "File Sequence Number" field on the School tab to build school level transactions. The transaction builds one number higher than the number in this field. For example, if the File Sequence number is set to 1001, the Transaction builds sequence 1002.

School level file names display with a name of District Number + School Number and Date and Sequence number in the Transaction Manager > File List. The Header for the school level transaction file will display the CTDS = District number + School Number. Example: 999999123.

District level file names display with a name of District Number + 000 and Date and Sequence number in the Transaction Manager > File List. District level transactions use the AZ State Reporting > Automation Control > Min File Seq field. The Header for the district level transaction file will display the CTDS = District number + 000. Example: 999999000.