Score Analysis

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PATH: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Expanded Assignment > Score Analysis; Settings > Score Analysis

PATH: Campus Instruction > Control Center > Score > Assignment Name > Graph Icon

The Score Analysis tool is available through the Grade Book and Control Center. It allows teachers to view a distribution of student scores on an assignment and visually break down how each student scored.

Access Score Analysis

Open the score analysis window for a single assignment from these two places:

From the Control Center, click Score for an assignment. Click All, then select the assignment and click the graph icon in the top right. Score analysis opens in a separate browser window.

Access Score Analysis from the Control Center.

From the Grade Book, expand an assignment and click Score Analysis:

Access Score Analysis from the Grade Book by expanding an assignment.

To view score analysis for all assignments in the section, click Score Analysis from the Settings menu of the Grade Book:

View Score Analysis for all assignments in a section from the Settings menu.

Single Assignment

Score analysis for a single assignment displays a score distribution graph representing all scores for the assignment. The percentages on this graph indicate the number of students who received that score. For example, the image below shows that about half of the students got a B- or higher on the assignment. Hover over each section of the graph to see the score it represents and how many students received that score.

Below the distribution, the breakdown section lists each student who has received a score, displaying score information and an individual graph.

Score Analysis provides a distribution of all scored students and a breakdown showing details for each score.

Filter the student breakdown by clicking sections of the distribution graph. Hold SHIFT or CRTL to select multiple scores to include in the breakdown.

Click to export the breakdown, with present filters, to Excel. Click Create Student Group to create a Student Group of the students currently included in the breakdown.

Click one score or use SHIFT and CTRL keys to filter the breakdown.

In this example, I want to create a student group of the students who received 60% or lower on the assignment so I can give them a followup assignment. Hold the CTRL key while clicking the lowest two scores on the distribution and then click Create Student Group and enter a name. The student group is then available to modify in the student group and to select on assignments.

Multiple Assignments

Score analysis from the Settings menu of the Grade Book starts with just distributions of all assignments in section. Assignments display in order by Due Date, starting with the most recent.

Click on one or more sections in the distributions to view a list of students below.

From the Grade Book Settings menu, view the score distributions of multiple assignments.

Quick Assessments

Additional score information displays below the student breakdown for assignments that have Quick Assessments. This item analysis section indicates how students performed on each question, with bar graphs indicating the relative number of students who selected each answer.

Assignments with Quick Assessments include an Item Analysis section below the Student Breakdown.

Click a segment (or multi-select using CTRL key) to view the students who received that score and how they answered each question.

Click the bar next to an answer to see a list of students who selected that answer and make a Student Group.