Manage FRYSC Centers

PATH: Programs > FRYSC Center

The FRYSC Center is Kentucky State Edition-only tool which allows users to create, assign and manage FRYSC Centers within the state. FRYSC Centers are assigned per school within a district via the School tool

FRYSC Centers created within this tool are synced down to DIS-link districts and are available for selection for schools within the district set for the FRYSC Center.

Image 1: FRYSC Center Tool

Tool Rights

PATH: System Administration > User Security > Users > Tool Rights

Users must have at least R(ead) tool rights in order to access the FRYSC Center tool.

Image 2: FRYSC Center Tool Rights

The following describes user access based on tool rights:

Searching for Existing FRYSC Centers

Users can search existing FRYSC Centers by entering a FRYSC Name, FRYSC Code and/or District Name and selecting the Search button. In the image below (Image 3), results were provided for a search of the District Name "Jefferson".

Image 3: Searching for Existing FRYSC Centers

Creating a New FRYSC Center

Users with at least A(dd) tool rights are allowed to create new FRYSC Centers. 

Image 4: Creating a New FRYSC Center

To create a new FRYSC Center:

  1. Select the New icon. The FRYSC Center Detail editor will appear (see Image 4).
  2. Select the District in which the FRYSC Center exists or services. Only schools within this district are able to select this FRYSC Center.
  3. Enter the FRYSC Center Code. The first three numbers should be the district number and the last two numbers are based on the order of the FRYSC Center as they are added for the district. For example, Trigg County has a district number of 555, so all FRYSC Centers created for Trigg County should start with 555 followed by 01, 02, 03, etc. 
  4. Enter a FRYSC Name.
  5. Select the Save icon. The FRYSC Center now exists within Campus and has been synced down to DIS-linked districts.

Inactivating a FRYSC Center

FRYSC Centers cannot be deleted however, they can be made inactive. Marking a FRYSC Center inactive means existing School records using this FRYSC Center will not be modified however, schools can no longer select and save this FRYSC Center.

Once a FRYSC Center is marked Inactive, the X within the Active column in the FRYSC Center List is removed (see Image 5).

Image 5: Inactivating a FRYSC Center