Folder Labels by DOB

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The Folder Labels by DOB report is formatted to print on 1" X 2-5/8" labels (Avery 5160). The labels include guardian name, student name, gender, date of birth, primary household address and household phone number. Only students whose birth date falls within the entered birth date range (required entry) will be included on the report.

Folder Labels by Date of Birth Report

Report Editor

The following defines the Folder Labels by Date of Birth report editor.

Birth Date

The Starting Birth Date and Ending Birth Date fields are used to narrow the students returned on the report to only birth dates included in this date range. These are required fields. Enter dates in mmddyy format or use the calendar icon to select a date.

 If folder labels are needed for the ninth grade class in the 2019-20 school year, a sample starting birth date may be August 1, 2005. A sample ending birth date may be July 15, 2006.

Student Selection

In addition to the birth date selection, users can include students who meet the birth date range but are narrowed by a grade level selection or by inclusion in an Ad hoc Filter. Grade levels are displayed based on the calendar selected in the toolbar. If no calendar is selected, all grade levels used in all schools will be available for selection.

Student Information

The label can include all or none of the following:

  • Student Number and Date of Birth
  • Guardian Name(s)
  • Household Phone Number

 The student's name will always be printed.

Address Information Options

If a student has more than one household address, a selection must be made to include either the Mailing Address or the Primary Address. For most students, the primary address will also be the mailing address, where the Household Address Information has the mailing flag selected and the secondary flag not selected. Students who have different address for primary (i.e., a Post Office Box as the mailing address), schools can decide which type of address to print on this report. 

If a household has two primary address or two mailing addresses, the report will only print one. 

Only one address will be printed, even if the student has multiple addresses.

Print Options

The labels can be printed for each primary household for student (default selection) or one label can be printed for each student (if the student has multiple primary households).

Sort Options

The Folder Labels Report can be sorted by either Student Name (default selection) or Student Number.

Report FormatThe report can be generated in PDF or DOCX format.

Generate the Folder Label Report

  1. Enter the Starting Birth Date and Ending Birth Date of students for which to generate labels.
  2. Select the Grade level of students to include on the report, or select an Ad hoc Filter that includes the students to include.
  3. Select which Student Information to include on the report.
  4. Select which Address to include on the report.
  5. Select the Print options for the report.
  6. Select the Sort options for the report.
  7. Select the desired Report Format.
  8. Click the Generate Report button. The report displays in the selected format.

Folder Labels, PDF Format

Folder Labels, DOCX Format

The following options were chosen in the above images:

The following will print when information is not available:

Additional settings may need to be done to the printer for proper label alignment.  See the information in Printing Labels for guidance.