Infinite Campus is committed to providing state regulated functionality throughout all modules. Additional areas of the Campus application contain modifications related to state specific installations.

AZeds (Ed-Fi)

Users should submit data to the state via Ed-Fi (AZeds) functionality. Please see the links below for more information about this process.

Localized Tabs

Throughout Campus, many areas of the core product have been localized for state specific users. The following articles describe areas localized for Arizona. This is not a complete list of localized areas:


ADE Connect (Arizona)

ADE Connect is a custom tab provided for Arizona School Districts. Users can access online ADE tools and reports based on the permissions defined by the role assigned to them on this tab.

Arizona Immunization Rules

Information on Arizona immunization rules.
Homeless (Arizona)The Homeless tab records basic homeless information as well as district-defined fields.

SAIS TX (Arizona)

When a student is included in a transaction, the information displays on the student’s SAIS Transaction (SAIS TX) tab.
State Seal Information (Arizona)The State Seal Information section allows you to add State Seal records to a student's graduation record.

Title 1 Tab (Arizona)

The Title 1 tab is used to record Title I Program information for students who receive services. Title 1 record data is included in data sent to the Arizona Department of Education via AzEDS. 

State Reporting

The following state reports, reporting tools and transactions are available:

The state reports listed below are no longer collected by the Arizona Department of Education and remain within Campus for retrevial of historical data which can be sent to the state for auditing purposes.

Charter schools are still allowed to use the Estimated Enrollment Extract for sending information to the Arizona Department of Education.

Users should submit data to the state via Ed-Fi (AZeds) functionality. Please see the links below for more information about this process.

Reporting Tool


Automation Control

Allows districts to determine when transactions are sent to the Department of Education.

Data Import

Provides district with the ability to import result and state ID files into Campus.

Error Report

Generates a list of errors included in SAIS Transactions.

Transaction Manager

The Transaction Manager information is available for reference but does not provide Ed Fi reporting information. See the Understand Arizona Ed-Fi Data article for current information.

Allows transaction files to be generated on an individual basis. The following transactions are available:


Generates the Arizona Safety Accountability for Education report.

Reconciliation Import This tool imports the 75-1 reconciliation file in text format. The report generated after the import displays students missing from the 75-1 file and student's with different data than the 75-1 file.

STCC Extracts

The Student Teacher Course Connection data collections create visibility in the education progress of students and meets the federally-mandated requirement of linking a student to a course and a teacher.

  • Student Course Section
  • Teacher Course Section
Estimated Enrollment Extract The Charter School Estimated Enrollment Extract reports students actively enrolled as of the Effective and school selected.

Special Education

The following articles describe special education editor-based documents are available for Arizona users:

The Arizona Special Ed Setup - State Reporting Purposes Only article describes using special education for to store state reported values. This article is designed for districts who are NOT using Campus to manage their legally compliant state special education documents.


In addition to the IEP and ESR, the following FDF interactive documents are available: