User Account

PATH: System Administration > User Security > Users > User Account

In order for a person to be assigned tool rights, be allowed to join user groups, be assigned calendar rights, and other features enabled via the User folder, they must first be added as a user (have a user account created for them). This article will walk you through this process as well as cover the following:

Users are highly advised to create user accounts for students and staff en masse via the User Account Batch Wizard.  

If you cannot access Tool Rights, Calendar Rights and/or User Groups you are not assigned a user security role. To gain access, please contact your system administrator as they are responsible for assigning security roles to Campus users.

Creating New Users (User Accounts)

Before a user account can be created, the user must first exist as a person. Once a person exists in Campus, they can then have a user account created. The steps below will walk you through the process of creating a user (user account) for an existing person. 

Creating a new user does not automatically grant access to that user. They must be assigned tool and calendar rights for access to the Campus application or the Portal.

New users only receive the following default tool rights:

To generate student and staff accounts en masse, please refer to the User Account Batch Wizard.

  1. From the outline, click the Search tab.

  2. Select User as the search mode and search for the person who needs an account. Existing accounts for a user will appear as a user name displayed in gray beneath the person's name. 
  3. Select the person for whom to make an account. The Create a New User editor will display.

  4. Enter a User Name.
  5. Select the Check User button to verify the user name is not currently in use.
  6. Enter a Password or click the Generate Password button to let the system automatically generate a password.
  7. Select a Homepage for the user. 
    • Campus Application - for district employees
    • Campus Parent Portal - for parents
    • Campus Instruction - for teachers and staff
    • Campus Student Portal- for students (enhanced features and optimized for mobile devices and tablets)
  8. To add the user to an existing user account(s), place your cursor in the Search User Groups field and begin entering the name of the usergroup. Once a group is selected, the user group will appear in the Current Group Membership window. 

    System administrators are highly encouraged to assign users to user groups as opposed to individual tool rights. This allows admins to easily remove a group of tool rights for a person by removing them from the corresponding user group, or assign tool rights to users without having to go through and individually assign each tool right per necessary tool.

  9. Select the Create User button. The user now has a user account and can sign into the designated Homepage application using the credentials established in the Username and Password fields.

Modifying User Accounts

PATH: System Administration > User Security > User > User Account

Individual user account information can be viewed and modified on the User Account tab. 

For more information about user account passwords, see the Managing User Account Passwords article.

User Account Tab Fields and Buttons


Use and Definition


To reset the user's password, select the Reset Password hyperlink.

For more information on establishing, resetting, and managing passwords within Campus, see the Managing User Account Passwords article.

Login As User

The Login As User button allows a user log in as another user for the purpose of troubleshooting, testing and/or verifying properly assigned user rights. The Login As User button only appears for users who have equivalent or greater tool rights than the user they want to log in as and is only available with the Student Information System or Student Information System - Login as User security roles.

For more information about this feature, see the Login as User Feature article section.

Users are only allowed to log in as another user once per Campus session.

Users with a Student Information System Product Security role are allowed to log in as a user with a Student Information System - Login as User Product Security Role but once they have logged in as that user, they cannot use that user account to then log into another Campus user account via the Login as User button on the User Account tab.

Users with a Student Information System - Login As User role are prohibited from logging in as another user with the Student Information System - Login As User role. This behavior was put in place to ensure users do not jump from one user account to another.

User Rights Summary

To access a comprehensive view of all tool rights the user has been granted within Campus (including tool rights granted via User Groups), click the User Rights Summary button. A window will appear, asking you to generate the summary in HTML or CSV format. Select a format and click the Generate Report button. The User Rights Summary Report will appear in a separate window (see image below).

You can expand tools to view additional tool rights and sub-rights. You can also hover the mouse cursor over a tool to see exactly how the user was granted rights to the tool (granted by tool rights or granted by a group).

You will only see tools for which the user has been granted access within Campus.

Reset Account Settings

Selecting the Reset Account Settings button will clear all trusted devices tied to the person's account, requiring the user to reestablish each device as a trusted device when logging into Campus.

This button will also reset the user's account recovery email address, requiring them to enter a new recovery email address the first time they log into Campus after this button has been selected.

This button will only appear for user accounts which have an Account Security Email address established in Campus and/or the Parent Portal.

A person's Account Security Email is used to recover a forgotten username or reset a Campus password when the Forgot your password? or Forgot your username? options are selected on the Campus login screen.

The Account Security Email is set in the Account Settings tool (found in both Campus and the Parent Portal).


The user name the individual uses to log in to the Campus system.


The password the individual uses to log into the Campus system. See the Managing User Account Passwords article for more information.

Force Change

If flagged, this checkbox indicates the user will be required to update his/her password at the next login.

Once the password is updated, the system will uncheck this box automatically.

All Calendars

This checkbox was removed in Release Pack .1813. Calendar Rights for a user are entirely controlled and assigned via the Calendar Rights tab. To assign a user All Calendar rights, on the Calendar Rights tab, set the School to 'All School' and the Calendar to 'All Calendars'.

See the Assigning Calendar Rights section below for more information.

All Finance Accounts

This checkbox only displays if the Finance module is turned on. If flagged, this checkbox indicates the user may modify User Access Code Groups.

Expires Date

If a date is entered in this field, the user's account will expire on 11:59 PM of this date.

This tool is often used to automate account management for temporary staff.


This field indicates which interface the user name and password allow access to:

  • Campus Application - for district employees
  • Campus Portal - for parents and students
  • Campus Student - for students (enhanced features and optimized for mobile devices and tablets)
  • Campus Instruction - for teachers and staff


If flagged, this checkbox indicates the user will not be able to access his/her account, even if the proper credentials are entered.

When disabled, a notification message appears to the user.

In addition, disabled users appear in red font on the Search tab and on the Membership Summary tab of any groups to which they are assigned.

Modified by

This indicates the last person to modify the user's account and the date and time in which the change occurred.

Created Date

This indicates when the user account was created. This date is populated by any method used to create the user account (e.g., student/staff automation, imported new user, Quartz job, etc).

This field is also available within Ad Hoc Reporting.

Authentication Type

This field determines how the user is required to authenticate and log into Campus.

Users are forced to either log in using:

  • Their Campus ID and password (Allow Only Local Campus Authentication)
  • Their SSO username and password (Allow Only SAML Authentication)
  • Or their LDAP username and password (Allow Only LDAP Authentication)

The default value in this field is set via the Authentication Type Droplist Default preference found in System Preferences.

This field is only available if SAML SSO authentication and/or LDAP is enabled for your district. Please note that when setting a User Account to "Allow Only SAML Authentication", Cafeteria Serve only authenticates with a local Campus or LDAP account and the Schedule Wizard will authenticate with a SSO enabled account but requires a re-login to open a saved trial.

For more information about SAML SSO functionality, see the SAML Management article. For more information about LDAP, see the LDAP Authentication article.

The value set in this field determines the method the user users to log into Campus (click image below).

Product Security Role Assignments

Product Security Roles determine whether a user may assign Tool Rights to other Campus Application users. Product Security Roles are assigned to users on each person's User Account tab.

This section only displays when "Campus Application" is selected in the Homepage dropdown list. Users assigned the Product Security Role automatically inherit all tool rights associated with the specific product.

For more information about Product Security Role Assignments, see the Understanding Security Role Assignments section below.

Understanding Security Role Assignments

Product Security Roles determine whether a user may assign Tool Rights to other Campus Application users. Product Security Roles are assigned to users on each person's User Account tab. For a detailed explanation of each role, see the following articles.

Assigning Calendar Rights

As of Release Pack .1813, users can no longer assign All Calendar rights via the User Account tab. Calendar rights are now entirely assigned and managed via the Calendar Rights tab per user and/or user group. This change streamlines calendar rights to a single place and ensures tool rights and calendar rights work together properly when allowing users access to tools and what data they are allowed to see or access via these tools.

To grant calendar access which mirrors the access granted via the previous All Calendars checkbox (access to view and modify all data within all calendars in the district), provide the user with Calendar Rights where School is set to 'All Schools', Calendar is set to 'All Calendars', Year is set to 'All Years', and the Modify Rights checkbox is marked (see image below). 

See the Calendar Rights tab article for more information.

Calendar Rights Information in Ad hoc Reporting

Calendar Rights information is available in the Query Wizard for Census/Staff Data Types in the Person > Campus Usage > User Account/Summary > Calendar Rights.

Ad hoc Reporting Calendar Rights Fields

Information reports data from the UserSchoolYear Rights, UserGroupSchoolYearRights and UserGroup tables with the following fields:

Identifying a Person's Campus Portal Username

You can look up a person's Campus Portal username by going to Census > Person > Demographics > Person Identifiers > Portal Username. This may help when troubleshooting issues such as assisting a person who forgot their username . 

Related Tools

Account Security PreferencesThis tool allows you to control various functionality such as resetting of passwords, restricting the ability for Product Security Users to log in as other people, auditing of users, and the automatic creation/disabling of student and staff accounts. 
User Account Batch WizardThis tool allows you to batch create student and staff user accounts using the census email address or a username patterns, enable student and staff user accounts, disable student and staff user accounts, or force a password reset for student and staff user accounts.
User Account Automation LogThis tool allows you to view detailed information about user account username modifications, user account creation failures, and accounts automatically disabled via preferences set in the Account Security Preferences tool. 
User Group ReportThis tool provides high-level and detailed information about which user groups exist, all tool rights and calendar rights assigned to each user group, and which user groups are assigned to which Staff Account Automation rules.    
Product Security Role ReportThe Product Security Role Report provides a list of all users who have been granted specific Product Security Roles.