Try the New Look of Campus

Campus has a new look and feel! Starting in Campus.1925, Campus Instruction users can toggle a switch to replace their existing Campus Instruction with a new UI and navigational structure. This new Campus experience still contains all of the same tools as Campus Instruction but includes several improvements such as:

The new look of Campus is only available for Cloud and Cloud Choice customers. 

Simplified Navigation

Navigation is greatly simplified in the new look of Campus. Gone are the days of row after row of tabs, tools buried below multiple other tools in the Campus outline, and the frustration of not knowing where to look for a particular set of tools. With the new Campus UI, all tools within an area (i.e., Instruction, Student, Behavior) are displayed on a single screen, organized by category. You can quickly and easily see all tools available and understand tool relationships based on their category. 

The new Campus also remembers the last tool you selected, meaning navigating back to the last tool you were working in is as easy as hitting the back button on your browser. Campus will even retain the student you are currently working on. 

User-Created Menu of Favorite Tools

You can now mark tools as favorites and have these tools populate a separate menu. This allows for easy access to those tools which you find most important and use on a day-to-day basis. To add a tool to your favorites menu, select the  next to the tool name. 

Quick Access to Recently Used Tools

You can also quickly access a menu of recently visited tools by clicking the  icon. This speeds up the process of jumping back and forth between different tools when working through various workflows. 

Navigable Breadcrumbs

Navigable breadcrumbs are provided under each tool name. Clicking an item in the breadcrumb will send you to the category or menu item selected.

Intelligent Student and Tool Search Bar

The search bar at the top of the screen allows you to quickly search for and select students and tools within Campus. 

As characters are entered, search results are automatically filtered and populated, displaying all tools and/or students matching the search criteria.

In the example below, the user has entered 'stu' which has filtered results to the Student Groups and Student Course Recommendations tools as well as a student with the first name Stuart. 

Intuitive Student Search within Tools

Searching for a student within a tool is now easy and intuitive. Now, when you select a tool, the student search box will appear on the right, displaying all students within your school along with their name, birthdate, student number, and picture. When searching for a student, results are ranked and based on the best match and will not necessarily display in alphabetical order.

For example in the image below, a search for 'Jack' displays results for students named Jack, Jackie, John, Hermione, and Eli. This may seem weird at first, but Hermione has a last name (Jeck) which is close to the same spelling as Jack and if you click on Eli, you will find he has data (such as a nickname, household name, etc) which directly ties into a search for 'Jack'.

The search tool is also able to take first name synonyms and phonetic spelling into consideration when ranking results.

How Do I Turn it On? 

To turn on the new look of Campus, click the person icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and click the Try New Look button (see image below). 

If I Change My Mind, Can I Turn This Off?  

If at any time you change your mind and decide you would like to return to the classic view of Campus, select the person icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and click the Try New Look button. The screen will refresh and you will return to the classic view of Campus Instruction.