Optional Payments

PATH: My Accounts > Optional Payments

Optional fees are fees that are not assigned for payment by the school. This could be things like parking stickers, donations to the school, school supplies, etc. These optional fees display in a list, allowing you to select the fee and make the payment yourself by adding it to your cart.

Where do I go to Pay an Optional Fee?

The Optional Payments tool is part of My Accounts. My Accounts appears on the screen when you are looking at the Today, Food Service, or Fees tools.

How do I Pay an Optional Fee?
  1. Click Optional Payments.
  2. Click Add to Cart next to the fee you want to pay.
  3. Click My Cart.
  4. Select the Payment Method you want to use and enter an Email Address for Receipt (optional).
  5. Click Submit Payment.

Need more information?

For more details, see the following Pay an Optional Fee section.

Pay an Optional Fee


Click Optional Payments.

The Optional Payments screen displays.

If you are using Campus Parent and have access to multiple students, be sure to select the correct student in the student dropdown list displayed in the top right corner.


Click Add to Cart Button next to the fee you want to pay.

Campus puts the Fee in your cart and updates the total items and cost.

You can add additional Optional Fees before checking out. You can also add Food Service payments and assigned Fees before checking out. See the My Cart article for more information.


Click My Cart Button.

The Checkout screen displays. All items added to your cart display. You can click the Remove button if you do not want to pay for an item at this time.


Select the Payment Method you want to use and enter an Email Address for Receipt (optional).

Click the Add Payment Method button if the card or account you want to use is not set up. This option allows you to enter a new Payment Method then returns you to this screen.


Click .

A confirmation message displays. Click OK. The Receipt screen displays.

Click the Print button to print a copy of the receipt.

Pay an Optional Fee with a Recurring Payment

PATH: My Accounts > Optional Payments

Before you can set up a Recurring Payment for an Optional Fee, you must first make a payment on the optional fee. (See the Pay an Optional Fee topic in this article.) After you make your first payment, Campus assigns the optional fee to your student and the fee displays in your student's list of fees. After you make a payment and Campus assigns the fee to the student, you can use the Recurring Payments tool to schedule a recurring payment for that fee.