Filter Designer

PATH: Ad hoc Reporting > Filter Designer

The Filter Designer provides a tool for the end user to select certain fields located throughout the product and place them in one central report. It allows users to build reports three different ways:

Ad hoc Filter Designer

Users can create filters and then link those filters to Data Viewer Reports, if desired.

Filters are a selection of data (student, census/staff, courses/section) used to generate other custom reports, report cards, mailing labels, etc. Reported schools and calendars are dependent upon the School and Calendar values selected in the Campus toolbar. A School value of All Schools means data is reported for the entire district.

Filters that have been created previously and saved will appear in the Saved Filters box on the left-hand side of the screen. Icons are shown for the different filters created. When selected, users can choose to Search, Edit, Test, Copy, Delete, or Export the filter (see image below). See the Manage Filters article for more information about these options. 

Filter Options

Selecting an existing filter will also display the last time it was updated, the last time a test of the filter was run, and who ran the last test of the filter (see image below). 

If the timestamp or user is unknown, a value of Unknown is reported.

Example of a Filter Tracking Information

Several state reporting extracts can be generated using the Filter Designer, and reports can be made available to certain user groups to access these reports.

Fields displaying in red text have been deactivated. Use the Element Replacement tool to update ad hoc filters with new fields.

Field Logic

The following logic is used when reporting NULL or field values of 0 within Ad hoc filters:


Tool Rights

PATH: System Administration > User Security > Users > Tool Rights

Users will need to following Tool Rights to access Filter Designer tools:

Filter Designer Tool Rights

In addition to these rights, the user may need R rights assigned to the following areas to allow full access to reporting on Student, Census/Staff or Course/Section filter data types:

For information concerning Ad hoc Reporting where the Data Warehouse is enabled, see the Data Warehouse Settings article.