Enrollment Summary Report

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The Enrollment Summary Report will list a district-wide breakdown of enrollments grouped by school, grade, gender and race. This report will print for one school, multiple schools or All Schools.

Image 1: Enrollment Summary Report

Report Logic

The Enrollment Summary Report includes totals of students enrolled in selected schools based on an entered effective date.

Report Editor

The following information details the Enrollment Summary Report Editor.

Enrollment Effective Date

This required field is used to return actively enrolled students as of the entered date.  This field is defaulted to the current date but can be changed by selecting the calendar icon to the right of the field, or entering the date manually in mmddyy format.

School Selection

The Enrollment Summary Report can be generated for multiple schools in the district or one school in the district. Because this report is complex, it is recommended to not generate the report for all schools in a district at one time.  At least one school needs to be selected.

Race/Ethnicity Values

Users can select which race/ethnicity values to include in the report - Federal Race/Ethnicity or State Race/Ethnicity Values.

Each district is required to collect race/ethnicity data for students, and sometimes staff and parents/guardians based on the following federal values:

  • 1: Hispanic/Latino
  • 2: American Indian or Alaska Native
  • 3: Asian
  • 4: Black or African American
  • 5: Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
  • 6: White
  • 7: Two or more races

States can also require additional values for race/ethnicity reporting, as desired.

When choosing the Federal Race/Ethnicity Values on the Enrollment Summary Report, student summaries will be printed using the federal  values noted above.  When choosing the State Race/Ethnicity Values, student summaries will be printed using the race/ethnicity values defined by the state.

The number and percentage of students that are not White (non-Hispanic) are calculated using the Federal value of 6:White when running the report using Federal Race/Ethnicity values. Any student with a value other than 6:White will be included in this number. When generating the report using State Race/Ethnicity values, the students who are considered White are determined using the Campus Dictionary. If the Dictionary contains a value of "white," any students with a different value will be included in this calculation. If no Campus Dictionary item contains a value of "white," a message will appear on the report indicating that the report should be generated using Federal Race/Ethnicity values to calculate this value.

Report Format Selection

The report can be generated using the Original Format or the Tall Format.

 The Original Format will print race/ethnicities across the top of the report and grade levels vertically.

  • The report will print in portrait layout when there are eight or less race/ethnicities defined by the state.
  • The report will print in landscape layout when there are more than eight race/ethnicities defined by the state.


The Tall Format will print the grade levels across the top of the report and the Race\Ethnicities vertically.


  • The report will print in portrait layout when there are eight or less grade levels for all schools included in the report.
  • The report will print in landscape layout when there are more than eight grade levels reported for any of the schools included in the report.


States that have many race/ethnicity values should use the Tall Format.

Enrollment Selection 

Users can select to print only students who have a certain enrollment type chosen on their enrollment record.  Enrollment records fall into three categories:

  • P: Primary
  • S: Partial
  • N: Special Education

All types can be chosen at one time for display on the report (this is the default selection), but at least one enrollment type must be selected in order for the report to generate.   Refer to the Enrollments page for more information on these types.

Report Options 

The following can be selected when generating the Enrollment Summary Report:

  • Observe State Exclude - will not print students whose enrollments are marked as state exclude.This only removes enrollment records that are marked as state exclude.  Calendars and grade levels marked as state exclude may still be included on the report.
  • Only print race/ethnicities in which there is at least one student with that value
  • Print in HTML format (if this option is not selected, the report will display in a PDF document)

Report Generation

  1. Enter an Enrollment Effective Date.
  2. Select the School(s) to include on the report.
  3. Select the appropriate Race/Ethnicity values to report.
  4. Select the desired format of the report.
  5. Select which types of Enrollments to include on the report.
  6. Select which Report Options to include on the report.
  7. Click the Generate Report button. The report will display in a new window in the selected format, listing the enrollment summary information for the selected schools.

For states that allow the recording of a non-male or non-female gender, a total count of Other is included.

Enrollment Summary - State Race/Ethnicity Values, Original Format, All Enrollment Types, All Report Options (Print in HTML)

Enrollment Summary - Federal Race/Ethnicity Values, Tall Format, P: Primary and N: Special Ed Services Enrollment Type, No Additional Report Options (Print in PDF)