Copying Assignments

There are two ways to copy assignments, through an individual assignment, or through the Grade Book.

Teachers with access to Campus Learning can use the Curriculum Copier to copy assignments.

Copying an Individual Assignment

PATH: Campus Instruction > Grade Book, Assignment Overview

Copy assignments by first accessing the assignment editor for the assignment you'd like to copy.

Copy an Assignment Using the Copy Button

Clicking Copy opens a copy of the assignment you're currently viewing. All characteristics match the original assignment except "Copy of" is added to the beginning of the Name. Modify the Name and Abbreviation, and then make any changes to the due date or other assignment details.

Copying Multiple Assignments

PATH: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Settings > Assignment Copier

To copy multiple assignments from one section to another, access the Assignment Copier through the Grade Book Settings menu. From here, you can copy assignments to or from the section.

Copying Assignment via a Section in the Planner

Step 1: Select Items

In the first screen of the Assignment Copier, select the Source year, section, and term on the left. Based on these selections, assignments available to copy are listed. Mark

Select a Destination year, section, and term on the right. Assignments already in the destination section are listed.

Select the Assignments to Copy

Mark the checkboxes of the assignments in the source section that you would like to copy to the destination section. Note that assignments with names that match assignments already in the destination section cannot be copied. Click Next to proceed.

Step 2: Item Dates

Step 2 of the copying process allows you to review and update Start and End Dates for assignments. Dates are calculated by determining what day of the term the assignment was originally scheduled and setting the date for the copied assignment to match that day in the destination section. For example, if an assignment has a Date of the 20th day of school in Term 1 and it's copied to Term 2, the Date defaults to the 20th day of Term 2.

Update dates for an assignment by clicking that assignment's row and then using the calendar picker to select a date or entering one in mm/dd/yyyy format.

Modify dates as needed.

When assignments are copied, sequence order is maintained but sequence numbers are updated to be consecutive starting at 1. If the destination section already has assignments, copied assignments are sequenced starting with one value higher than the highest existing sequence.

Step 3: Scoring Alignments

The final step of copying assignments involves setting up scoring alignments. Scoring alignments are copied from the original items if possible.

If all assignments should have the same scoring alignment, or you want to unmark the Include in Grade Calculation checkbox for all, select the Set assignment grading as a group at the top of the screen.

Otherwise, select Set assignment grading individually and select the appropriate scoring alignment details for each assignment. The Standard/Grading Task and Category dropdown lists include the options available in the destination section. If no categories have been created in the destination section, you'll need to create them during this step as well.

Modify scoring alignments for copied assignments. Click Save to finish copying.

After items are copied, a message describes what was copied. Select Copy to another section to repeat the process for a new destination section.