Mass Import Student Photos

Path: System Administration > Student > Photo Import

The Photo Import tool is used to import pictures into Campus to be displayed on the student summary tabs, attendance rosters and seating charts, and on the mobile interface. The photos must be in JPG format and saved as a group in a ZIP file.

The Photo Import can be set to a variety of modes depending on how the images are named in the ZIP file. Mixed mode may be used if a combination of student numbers and PersonID’s are used in the ZIP file; however, the system will not import the photo if it cannot be clearly associated with a person in the database.

Selecting the wrong mode will cause images to be matched to the wrong person in the database.

Photo Import is a server intensive process and should not be done when there are a large number of users or processes occurring during the school day. 

  1. Select the appropriate Mode for uploading student pictures.
  2. Click the Browse button to find the student picture zipped file. Follow the steps provided in the pop-up windows for finding and adding a file.
  3. Once the file has been added, click the Upload button to upload the pictures

The following are general guidelines for uploading pictures: