View a List of Attendance Events and Changes (Attendance Change Tracking Report)

PATH: Campus Instruction > Reports > Attendance Change Tracking

The Attendance Change Tracking report allows you to view student attendance events in the selected section based on the date range entered. This report includes both attendance events that are added, such as when a student is marked as absent, and changes to recorded attendance, such as when an absence is changed to a tardy.

The Enable Attendance Auditing System Preference must be set to Yes to include data in this report.

Attendance Change Tracking Report Editor Options

Generating the Attendance Tracking Report

  1. Select the Term and Section for which you want to view attendance data.
  2. Enter a Start and End Date to report attendance events on or between those dates.
  3. Mark the checkbox to Include Secondary Teachers in the report.
  4. Click Generate PDF to view the report in PDF format or click the arrow button next to Generate to select a different format.

The report begins with a header that includes school details, including calendar and address, the generation date, and the date range reported.

Example of the Attendance Change Tracking Report