School Months (California)

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School months break down the months within the school year to segments of time, used for state attendance reporting. 

School Month Editor

School Month Requirements

School months consist of four M-F weeks which represent the 20 day reporting windows required in California.

To set up school months, create Month 01, starting on the Monday of the first instructional week of school or the first Monday in July and ending on the fourth Friday after the start. Month 02 should start on the following Monday and end four Fridays later. Continue for the rest of the school year.

California allows users to exclude full weeks of winter break in the school month setup if desired. No other break or holiday time may be excluded. For example, if the Winter Break weeks are December 23 - January 3, and the start date of the school month is December 02, the end date would be January 10.

  1. Enter the Monday of the first week of Winter Break in the Exclude Start field.
  2. Enter the Friday of the last week of Winter Break in the Exclude End field.

There are six weeks between December 2 and January 10, but excluding the two weeks of break allows the School Month to be 4 weeks long.

School Month Exclude Options

Reporting Periods

Reporting periods are determined as follows:

In the images below, Reporting Period P1 is School Months 01-05; Reporting Period P2 is School Months 01-09; Reporting Period Annual is School Months 01-11. 

Reporting Period 1

Reporting Period 2

Reporting Period Annual

Print School Months

Once school months are created, they can be printed in PDF or DOCX format by selecting the Print button at the top of the screen. Non-school days print in yellow shaded cells; Non-instructional days print in blue shaded cells.

The following logic applies:

School Month Print