Reviewing Standards Linked to Assignments (Assignment Standards Report)

PATH: Campus Instruction > Reports > Assignment Standards

The Assignment Standards report provides a list of standards associated with assignments for the selected Section. To be included in the report, standards must first be aligned to a category and then an assignment in the Scoring Alignment section.

Assignment Standards Report Editor Options

Generating the Assignment Standards Report

  1. Select a Section to load the list of available standards and additional report options.
  2. Select the Standard(s) whose associations you would like to review. Multiple standards can be selected.
  3. Select which Report Type you'd like to generate. Options are:
    • List Standards associated with each Assignment - reports assignments with their aligned standards.
    • List Assignments associated with each Standard - reports assignments grouped by standard.
    • List Standards not associated with Assignments - reports standards with no alignments.
  4. Mark the Only Display Power Standards checkbox to limit the standards reported.
  5. Mark the Display Full Standard/Description checkbox to include full standard information, rather than just the name.
  6. Select the Terms to review. Filters results based on the Due Dates of the assignments.
  7. Click Generate PDF to view the report in PDF format or click the arrow button next to Generate to select a different format.

This example is of Assignments associated with each Standard.

Report Example - Standards Listed with their Aligned Assignments