Reports (Campus Instruction)

Campus Instruction reports help teachers to analyze grade, assignment, and attendance data, generate helpful forms, and track student work.

Campus Instruction Reports provide a variety of options for viewing student, assignment, and grade data.


Mark the star that displays next to a report to add it to your favorites list.


Across the top of the reports list are six filters such as Students, Grades, and Assignments. Click a filter to view reports on that subject. Click the filter again to return to the full list.
Tips for Generating Reports
  • When you click Generate on a report, whatever options you've selected are saved for the next time you return to the report. This feature saves time on reports you generate often, or when generating a report with the same option for different sections.
  • Most reports are available in PDF and DOCX format. Some are also available in CSV (Excel) and other helpful formats. To view additional formats, click the arrow next to the Generate button.
  • Students who have recently added a class are shown in green text (depending on district preference) and students who have dropped a class display in red text.

Available Reports:

Report NameUse to Report:
Assignment AnalysisA bar chart of students' performance on the selected assignment.
Assignment StandardsStandards associated with assignments for a section
Attendance Change TrackingAttendance events that have been added and changed for a date range
Attendance RegisterAttendance for a term in a student-by-day grid
Attendance SummaryAttendance totals for a term by event type (excused, tardy, etc)
Blank SpreadsheetA blank spreadsheet of selected students, with customizable column headers.
Curriculum ReportA list of assignments in the section with an overview of curriculum information.
Flagged AssignmentsAssignments flagged as missing, exempt, late, or incomplete for students
Grade Book ExportAn export of your Grade Book in another format.
Grades ReportPosted grades for tasks and standards.
Missing AssignmentsAssignments flagged as missing per student
Portal UsageStudents and parents with Portal accounts and login activity
Positive Attendance Section SummaryTotal time spent in class for each student in a term (positive attendance)
Report CardsPrint report cards for students.
Roster LabelsRoster labels for mailing or classroom use
Scoring RubricsPrint scoring rubrics by section.
Section StandardsA list of standards aligned to the section's course
Section SummaryScores for assignments and grades for tasks and standards
Student Assessment SummaryStudent scores on assessments.
Student SummaryAssignment scores by student.
Teacher ScheduleGenerates a printable version of your schedule.