Military Connections

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The Military Connections tab tracks parent/guardian data for those who are military personnel. This tab works in conjunction with the Impact Aid tab, which tracks parents/guardians who are employed at federal sites (armed forces locations, reservation lands, etc.).

Military Connections

In addition to listing the active duty status of the guardian, a list of guardian relationships for that individual display, established in the Census Relationships tool. When viewing a guardian, (in most instances) this table lists relationships to students; when viewing a student, (in most instances) this table lists relationships to guardians.

Military Connections Relationships

Only active Military Connections records are displayed in the table. Active is defined as:

Records with an End Date prior to the Active Year are displayed in the list editor, and can be edited, but they are not displayed in the table.

Tool Rights

Assign tool rights to the Military Connections tab for staff that need to record this information:

Military Connections Tool Rights

Military Connections Editor


Start Date


Defines when a person's enlistment status begins.

End Date

Defines when a person's enlistment status ends.



Indicates the enlistment status of the parent/guardian.
SiteLists the actual location of employment. This could be a military base or tribal land, or other work site that qualifies as a Military location. These options are created in the Impact Aid/Military Connections Site tool.
BranchIndicates the military division in which the parent/guardian is enlisted.
Student Military Identifier

A number assigned to the dependent (student) of an active duty individual to track that student, and allows school counselors and administrators to ensure those student's well-being as they adjust to deployed parents or other life events that may affect their school success.

This field can be populated when the Military Connections record is associated with a student and assigned a Status of Student Military Identifier Only.

Person is on Active Duty in the military

Wisconsin Districts Only

Indicates if the individual is on active duty in the military.

Person is a traditional member of the Guard or Reserve

Wisconsin Districts Only

Indicates if the individual is a traditional member of the Guard or Reserve.

Person is a member of the Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) under Title 10 or full time National Guard under Title 32

Wisconsin Districts Only

Indicates if the individual is a member of the Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) under Title 10 or full time National Guard under Title 32.

CommentsProvides more detail on the enlistment of the parent/guardian.

Add Military Connections Information

  1. Click the New icon. A Military Connections editor displays.
  2. Enter the Start Date of the person's status.
  3. Select the Status from the dropdown list.
  4. Select the Branch of employment from the dropdown list.
  5. Enter the Student Military Identifier value (for students only).
  6. Enter any Comments for this record.
  7. Click the Save icon when finished. The new record displays at the top of the Military Connections Editor.

When a person's status or Branch or Site changes, modify that record and enter an End Date. A new record needs to be entered with a new start date to capture the new status, new branch or new site. Any new record that is added displays first in the editor. Multiple active records can be entered for a person; the records sort by start date (most recent date first), then by alphabetical order.

The Relationship information only displays active records (no end date or no end date within the current year).

Print Military Connections Records

Click the Print icon to generate a report in PDF or DOCX format of the person's Military Connections information.

Military Connections Print View

Military Connection information can also be included in an Ad hoc Filter Designer query using the fields at the following location:

Only users that are assigned tool rights to Military Connections are able to see that data in the ad hoc reports.

Military Connections Ad hoc Options - Census/Staff Data Type

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